Ignorance is southern...when supper is ready

Hi, I ran across this on the web trying to find help for someone I know who has just been convicted on capital murder charges in small hick town usa. Lufkin texas. Circumstancial evidence is there plain as day, alot of hear say, she said, the blind lady said, and there is reasonable doubt all over the place. It was a big company fortune 500 that accused her and used her as a scapegoat for their bad company procedures and way of doing business. Five people died… The verdict was read today and shock waves are flying all over the place. Everyone is stunned. This girl was branded guilty the day they arrested her and posted her face all over the news media and local papers in this southern town. Big media event. It even went on Nancy Grace and she took her pot shots for awhile, but then dropped it, cause even the big shot attorneys she had on there said it was all just circumstancial evidence.
She did not get a fair trial in this town, not at all. Tensions are HIGH! Out of control. Southern way, it seems. Took jury less than 12 hours to rule, …guess supper was ready and they had to get home so they just picked it out of the hat. It seems like it anyway. I have never seen such a case convict someone on such circumstancial evidence. It’s ridiculous. Even the forensic autopsies expert testified that their was no evidence of bleach on the people that died and they died of natural causes! HELLOOO!!! What the hell? But the jury convicted her of Capital murder? On what evidence? circumstancial…a blind womans testimony that she seen her inject it? seriously? DOUBT…DOUBT…DOUBT. They are either going to rule for life in prison or the death penalty. She was accused of injecting bleach into dialysis patients at a Davita Clinic. She DID NOT do this. It’s just another Fortune 500 company pinning their crap on an innocent nurse, a scapegoat. She is a victim and someone needs to help her. Is there anything in Texas? The case actually should have been taken out of this town to begin with…even the jurors were tainted with the initial news reports, media coverage and whoop-tee-doo that it caused in this small texas town. I reckon its the southern way and all. Southern mentality. Any help out there? Any connections to this innocence project? What could they do? Any other help ? suggestions? Dear God…there has to be some justice somewhere for innocent people being taken out like this…small town southern good ole boy BS! HELP PLEASE

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