Ignorance Questions

What do you know you know?
What do you know you do not know?
What are the things you don’t know you don’t know?
What do you think you know but you really don’t know?
Taboos and forbidden knowledge - what is untouchable?
Denials - what is too painful to know and therefore you don’t know?
What are the dangers of not knowing something and what are the benefits?
Under what conditions (e.g., state of mind, location) to you do your best “thinking, reflecting, pondering”?

This is a multiple question post, so pick a question that you know you truthfully answer.

Unfortunately, answering this question will take the rest of my life and extensive psychotherapy. Care to be just a tad more specific?

I know that I do not know how to do Calculus, although I understand some of the principles.

I think I know that this thread is a poll and belongs in IMHO, but I don’t really know if it will get moved or just closed.

I know that Mangetout is right. :slight_smile: