Ignorant question about Puerto Rico

I probably should know this, but…:rolleyes:

Does Puerto Rico have it’s own currency or do they use strictly American dollars? If they have their own money, what is it’s value compared to U.S. green backs?

Puerto Rico’s currency is the U.S. dollar.

I went to Puerto Rico, and they use regular 'merican dollars there. Same with the US Virgin Islands.

The five main overseas territories under US legal sovereignty (Commonwealths of Puerto Rico and of the North Marianas, territories of USVI, Guam and American Samoa) use exclusively US currency and US postage.

Three smaller former parts of the Pacific Trust Territory that are legally separate nations for whom the US administers some public functions (Marshall Islands, Palau, Federation of Micronesia) can issue currency but mostly don’t bother (except for selling commemorative coins).