Ig'nunt question about cell phones

I went and finally done did it–lost my cell phone. Can I bring any old phone into Verizon and have them activate it or do I have to buy one from them or how does this work anyhow? Thanks.

If you have an old phone laying about, they should be able to re-activate it.

18 months ago, I had to euthanize an annoying phone (LG Dare), and Verizon turned my old Chocolate back on.

Funny thing about the Verizon insurance, I euthanized the Dare because it was a total piece of crap. Everyone at Verizon seemed to think getting me another Dare as a replacement probably was not a good idea, but the insurance required it. I managed to not euthanize the replacement, knowing it would be futile put me off the idea.

Thanks. Heyoka. Had an upgrade coming so got a new phone. Moderator, please be so kind as to close this thread.

…as long as it’s a CDMA phone. And maybe a Verizon phone (I’m not sure whether they’d activate a non-Verizon CDMA phone).