IHOP buying Applebee's

IHOP picks up $2.1bn tab for Applebee’s

Those of you who don’t like Applebee’s but do like IHOP may want to revisit your position.

I have a funny feeling that’s not what you meant to paste in that link…

Oh my God!

Will somebody please save the independent neighborhood eatery!

Maybe they’ve begun production on the movie/documentary of IHOP buying Applebees. :smiley:

Perhaps this link will do

Weird. That was supposed to go to MSNBC.

I hate Applebee’s but like IHOP. However, I don’t see why I need to change either position as a result of this deal.

I feel the same as BBVL above. I find it odd that in there is no IHOP in a university city. We’re at least a hundred miles in any direction from an IHOP. If they’d swap our Applebee’s for an IHOP, we’d go there all the time.

You’ll deal with Denny’s and like it, Floridian…just like the rest of Florida!
now where’s my walker? my hip hurts…

But I love Applebees! And I love IHOP! And they’re right next together where I live. I refuse to allow this.

What makes you think IHOP would turn every Applebee’s into another IHOP?

In all likelihood, they won’t change anything noticeable about Applebee’s. The last thing they’d want is for the two restaurants to become more similar.

Applebees is meh, IHOP is disgusting. I love a good pancake house, IHOP does not fall into that category. At least the one in Eugene doesn’t.

My only hope is that they turn Applebees into something better. The town I’m moving to only has an Applebees for cheap fun dining. There’s no Chili’s, no Olive Garden, no TGI Fridays and no Bennigans. Allright I’m no fan of the last two but Applebees is in last place all the way.

Were you asking me? Nothing makes me think that. I never suggested it.

I didn’t mean to imply that I was thinking such a thing. I just love me some Applebees. My friends and I go there once a week, and we’re on a first-name basis with several of the waitresses. It’s my precious sanctuary. I know that the impact will almost certainly be nil on a restaurant-to-restaurant basis, but my gut reaction is a screeching “NONONO!”
Yes, I’m quite aware of how silly this is :slight_smile:

I hate IHOP. Got a meal with an OJ and a side of biscuits and gravy and it ended up costing me $20+ for a damn breakfast. No thanks, I’ll hit the local bagel shop where for $7 I can buy a dozen bagels still warm from the oven and naw on the damn things until my jaw is ready to fall off.

Applebees is OK. I usually just go and rape the 1/2 price appetizer menu before 6PM. Nachos, quesadilla, boneless buffalo wings (and coconut shrimp when they had it) and you can feed a family of 4 on $15 if everyone wanted water.


Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt after I ate there.

Actually, I think the quality varies widely from location to location. I’ve been to a few Applebees’s where I didn’t feel violently ill afterwards. But the one in my neighborhood? The service is absolutely stellar. The food? Not just bland. Not just flavorless. It’s an active, offensive assault on my pallette. It’s as if the “chef” actively decided to drive me from the place forever. From the first bite, I felt nauseous. I wondered if an entire canister of salt had been put into that one bite.

Nasty, nasty stuff.

I hope that IHOP improves the menu. But I will never step into that insult to rat poison to find out.

Honestly, the only thing worse than Applebee’s and the salt overuse is Ruby Tuesdays (motto: even the apple pie comes with ranch fucking dressing).

Tell me about it. There’s one just a few blocks from my house, and they charge nearly three bucks for any beverage, even iced tea. That’s freakin’ nuts. About the only time I’ll eat there now is if I do the curbside-to-go thing, so I don’t have to order a drink. Their chicken parmesan is pleasing to me, so I still do that sometimes, but only in extreme circumstances will I go inside and eat.

Reading this, I keep thinking “I Heart Huckabee” -> “IHOP Applebees”…

There are IHOPs all over Florida- at least the Orlando area and Space Coast.

fishbicycle, I presume you’re either in Gainesville or Tallahassee? And I distinctly remember being limited to Dennys’ or pizza last time in was in Gainesville at 4 am, so I’ll guess there. Do I win?