What does this mean? I’m feeling brain dead here.

If I Remember Correctly

Thanks, I just found it. :slight_smile:

It means, “I’m too lazy to type whole words right now, and my readers (those unworthy twits) don’t deserve them anyway.”


"Measure twice, cut once. Dang! Measure again, cut again.

Hey. If I say it I mean: If I Recall Correctly. I am not sure what the differnece is, though.

As for the philosophical meaning, for me read:

I can’t type. So I need to save time when necessary.


For a long list of abbreviations, try here in the ATMB Forum:
Acronyms (abbreviations?)


That’s funny, I thought iirc (pronounced the same way as “irk”) was a new word, possibly a Scandanavian import into the language that meant “the drugs are finally catching up to me, but I think…”