Ike & Tina gun fight with Phil Spektor and Damon & Naomi song "Mirror Phase".

This is a bit scattered…so bear with me. I was on Napster last night and listened to a Damon and Naomi album last night and, in particular, the song “The Mirror Phase”. I really fell in love with the falsetto-ish chorus and wanted to know more about the song. The lyrics are somewhat daunting (ok… they’re really daunting to me). I did a google search and came up with this note from Ice Magazine:
…One song from that record, “The Mirror Phase,” is available for free download from the act’s web site, which is best accessed through SubPop.com. What makes the download unique is that it’s a fully-enhanced multimedia mini-application, complete with player controls, lyrics and cover art. .

Here’s the direct link to the song from the artists’ website, The Mirror Phase. Unfortunately, lyrics aren’t attached to the song (and I obviously can’t ask anyone to post them here, but if you have 'em, my email’s in my profile).

But that’s not really what this thread’s really about. According to this website:*“The Mirror Phase” is about a famous Ike and Tina Turner gun battle with Phil Spector. * :eek: Did that really happen? If so, how do the lyrics tie that in? :confused:

All that I know is from Tina’s book (and in the movie). Tina (but not Ike) was chosen to sing River Deep, Mountain High for Spector and Ike, feeling emasculated and drugged out of his mind, caused a major ruckus in the studio. I don’t know about the involvement of guns (though both Ike & Spector are known to have been well armed during their heydays) but you may want to google with the names and gun and “river deep, mountain high”.

PS- Check out this picture of Spector (only slightly related, but still interesting, as is the photo of his castle which is located in an otherwise working class neighborhood).