Il-76 takes every inch of runway

Video link.

The Il-76 has a maximum takeoff weight of about 187 tons (374,785 pounds, 170,000 kg). Looks like it took every inch of runway.

Holy Jamoley. That must have come pretty close to some seat-soiling on the flight deck.

The dry commentary is a real hoot, as well.

“The vodka burner is rolling.”

“You’re going to have to go faster than that, captain.”


Nah … He was holding it on the last 25% of the runway to make the tower sweat. Watch the wings. The tips quit rising at the 75% mark. When riding in your next really full big big bird with a transcontinental fuel load on board, note how long you stay on the ground after the plane rotates before it actually lifts off. You can see the water vapor at the wing root from the airflow on some days. It takes a while when at the correct speed to actually get all the lift working and move the weight into the air. This guy was able to wait until the last second to rotate because he had excess airspeed and would come unstuck quick.

There are times when it does take all of it but IMO, that was not one of them. Big airplanes look slow when they really are going quite fast.

Great video and it is fun to hear the controllers talk among themselves.

“I hope I’ve got enough to film the crash” :stuck_out_tongue:

Last 25%?

From where I see it, the nose gear was already over grass (at least airborne) when the main gear got aloft. I’m no pilot, but it seems clear that anything that close can’t be a mere prank. Or if it was, the crew are culpable.