I'll Go to My Grave Loving You artist

I turned on the radio today and found myself in the middle of the song, “I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You.” It was not The Statler Brothers. I would love to know who sang it. I’m not really a country music fan, but this song almost made me pull over to listen. When I got home I called the station, and the person who answered the phone told me it was the Statlers. When I expressed my surprise, she said, “That’s who Google says sings it.” She didn’t know what else to tell me. Don’t hey have play lists anymore?

Does anyone know who else covered this song? I went on Amazon and put the title in, but all im getting is The Statlers ans karaoke. I will try to email the station in the hopes this girl won’t be the one who answers the mail. Thanks.

Daily and Vincent? http://youtu.be/TGemfN9BJUI

Was it this one? “I’ll Leave This World Loving You” by Ricky Van Shelton. It’s one of my favorites.

I’m afraid not. It seemed to be mostly one man with a deep voice, and if there was a guitar in it, it wasn’t very noticeable. Thanks for looking, though.

Maybe Grandstaff…?

Well, not for the first time, I find that I’m mistaken. I called another number I found for the station and was told it was The Statler Brothers. So either it wasn’t what the renditions I could find on You Tube, or I was just in a strange mood and it sounded different. Thank you for helping!

Are you sure it wasn’t Duran Duran?

Did you listen to the link I posted? One man, deep voice – the lyric isn’t “I’ll go to my grave loving you” but “I’ll leave this world loving you” means pretty much the same thing.

Definitely the Statlers. “I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You.” It was written by their lead singer, Don Reid. The article doesn’t list any cover versions.