Illegal employment on government jobs

A while back I worked for a company that did a lot of contract work for a fairly large municipality here in Texas . The guy that owned this company only hired illegal aliens from south of the border. I got my job because I had a CDL and could legally drive his trucks to move machinery around. I was the only white guy besides him that worked there.

Is it against the law for contractors to use illegal laborers on city contracts?

I know it’s no longer my business since I don’t work there any more, but my question is since I know for a fact he is breaking the law. Should I have called him on it? Or maybe turned him in?

By definition, it is against the law to hire illegal laborers. I don’t see what white / non-white has to do with it, though: plenty of Latinos are American citizens, and plenty of Europeans and Canadians are in the US without being allowed to work.

If you have suspicions of illegal activity, you are always free to contact law enforcement, but then you should probably let it go. I don’t know that they’d keep you in the loop about how they were proceeding, and it might take a long time.

“Is it against the law to do illegal things?” Yes it is.

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What I think the OP may have meant is whether or not it is an additional offense (in addition to hiring illegal workers), to use them on a government contract, in the sense that if one got caught doing that, one could be charged with “Hiring an illegal worker” as well as “Using an illegal worker on a government contract”.

I would assume that it would indeed be an additional crime because I have never seen a Government contract of any kind that didn’t require the use of legal labor, so I presume that is a breach of contract and also fraud, since I presume he won the contract on cost knowing in advance he would use illegal labor to fill it to save money