Illegal immigrants at NORTHERN border

A neighbor had a daughter that fell in love with an illegal immigrant, had a kid, and got married. THEN she found out that he had several other wives, children by other US women. She snitched him out to immigration, and they caught him, and deported him. He was back in a week.

According to him, he said it is easy to get back in the US. He said he flies from mexico to Canada, (apparently Canada doesn’t need no stinking visas), and then goes to Port Huron, Michigan area, where he hires a Canadian with a boat, they go to the middle of the river “fishing” for an hour, and then go to the American side, where he is put ashore. They guy said he had even done this dressed as a woman in the past (he had been “deported” three other times.)

Being a loyal American, I called ICE to report this common use of getting into the USA. Imagine my surprise when the operator demanded the name AND birth date, of the alleged illegal, before anything could be done. (BTW, this illegal had always used a fake name; in the last instance, Javiar, as he chose to be called, was his dead cousin’s name.)

Makes you wonder how big a super highway for immigrants there is in the state of Michigan. Is it easier to get in by the northern route, than through the desert near Mexico?

I’ll call a foul on that one. Visas are required for citizens of Mexico to visit or transit Canada.

Even if it was somehow easier for Mexicans to enter Canada than the U.S., think about the expense required to purchase a plane ticket, get from the nearest airport to Sarnia, and hire a boat. The majority of working-class Mexicans aren’t going to have this kind of wherewithal. I suspect that either your neighbour was having you on, or that this is really one of those friend-of-a-friend stories that turns out upon closer examination to be mierda de toro.

Ah, that’s be us darned whitebacks.

I suppose it’s difficult to have an international border running down the middle of a municipal area. I also assume the border patrol are looking for bigger fish than 1 guy without (white, powdery or leafy green) baggage.

The problem is, if you have nothing to lose, you can try anything. The average Mexican sneaking into the USA can’t really afford to fly to Canada, and probably would not pass our customs inspection. Either this guy is BS’ing you, or he has a special reason why he gets in. IIRC for a while, we even required visas for Mexicans, not sure if that requirement’s been lifted.

OTOH, anyone aiding a person crossing the border can be charged in Canada. I doubt there’s that many people willing to assist in the crime who live in Canada or want to rent out a boat that can be traced back to them. It may be a losing cause, but the river is patrolled.

I truly hope someone applying for a visitor visa from Mexico to Canada would show up as a deported US illegal during the background check, but I don’t have too much faith in Canada’s embassy staff or procedures. Feel free to snitch on the guy to Canadian authorities too. Of course, if he can get valid passports with random names from the Mexican government, and evidence to present himself as a hard-working well-off Mexican with roots in his (Mexican) community how would any government know? If he can, why not just drive across into Texas or fly to Orlando for a “vacation”?

I give it 50-50 h’s full of it and came across in the south.

It’s huge; almost 50,000 Hispanics live right on the Canadian board here.

geneo2556, I strongly suspect that the number of illegal immigrants from Canada to the US is very, very high, but most of those are white English-speaking Canadians. My mother was one and lived hassle-free but illegal in the US for nearly 30 years, with one deportation in the 70s. [ETA: And she snuck right back across that porous northern border.] I am unsure whether your original question was about illegal immigrants in general (as you state) or about illegal immigrants from Mexico (as you imply).

This may surprise you, but Canada is actually a very nice place to live and not just a landing stage for the the trek to America. Other people have listed the practical reasons why it’s a bad plan for coming to the US, but I’ll add that Canada is reasonably welcoming to immigrants from Mexico.

Getting a visa would certainly be the hard part. And this guy’s story definitely reeks of bullshit.

But all things considered, the journey itself wouldn’t be that expensive. According to Travelocity, a one-way ticket non-stop from Mexico City to Toronto on Air Canada will run you $329. A coyote on the US- Mexico border alone can run you a grand or two. Have no idea how much someone providing a similar service will cost you on the Canadian border, but I can’t imagine it being any more than that. Plus you have the advantage of not trekking through a blazing, heavily patrolled desert.

Yes, 300 bucks is a lot of money to a Mexican peasant. But it’s nothing that an extra remittance or two from a family member already in the U.S. can’t cover. And when you’re already spending upward of $2,000 trying to cross the border, what’s another 300?

I suspect that it isn’t any easier to get across the Canadian border than the Mexican border. The coast guard and border patrol are very active in the great lakes. While it’s possible that a small fishing boat could smuggle an individual across, that’s getting tougher and tougher.

Canada has it’s only problem with illegal immigrants from Mexico, some of whom are hoping to get into the US, but most of whom are seeking asylum in Canada.

Of course, a one-way ticket would be the biggest red flag to customs officials.

FOr visas, the embassy is looking for (a) legitimate reason why you are visiting Canada -relatives, friends, etc - and (b) proof that you are sufficiently established in Mexico that you have a reason to return - house ownership, steady job there and work history with good income, family, etc. I.e. you haven’t quit and sold your worldly possessions, or have no history at all of being there… If Javier (Xavier?) can fake that paper trail, then he’s smart enough to get into the USA directly.

We need a double electric fence along the length of the entire US - Canada border… now! Plus drones.

Why do you assume only Hispanics are illegals? Illegal immigration across the northern border of the US includes many from the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Canadian problems with illegals are from all over the world - the middle east, south asia and south-east asia, eastern europe, as well as south america. The refugee claim process can take so long that the arrivals often immediately seek asylum then work (illegally) while the case drags for 3 to 7 years. We have had boatloads of Sikhs, Tamils, and a lot of illegal Chinese. OTOH there are so many legal immigrants from those countries that they will blend it anyway. I suspect we have a much less serious problem of illegal underpaid employment, many are simply working regular-paying jobs under false credentials.

Not to mention Canadians sneaking in!

I know it may sound strange, but as the original poster, I actually met this guy, and he bragged to me about his exploits. BTW, after his first deportation, the girl he got pregnant flew to Mexico to be with him (she said it was a very small village), and they travelled together by plane to Canada. there they split up, she went over the border legally, he hired the fishing boat.

the dad, being a Christian, insisted they two get married in church, which they eventually did. This guy was a very successful landscaper, with his own business, and several employees (all under the table). He was working on a job at a ritzy home, and the homeowner,for whatever reason, suspected he was illegal, reported it, and the guy got arrested, as well as a few of his employees. the homeowner KEPT the machinery that was left at the scene after the arrest. this included a BOBCAT.

Within a week, the guy was back (no one still knows his real name), the wife did not want to deal with him anymore (how quickly love fades!), he threatened her and her father (since she was living at her home), but eventually left for good.

Part of the problem before he was arrested again and deported, was the fact that it came to the wife’s attention, that he had several “wives” with many children that he had sired. On top of that, he started bringing over the children to stay at the home, which did not go over well with anyone there.

I don’t see how being dressed as a woman would make this easier. In fact, if you’re stopped, it might raise red flags a lot faster.

All this sounds a lot simpler if he had fake USA citizen credentials.
For the last few years, Canada has required visas for Mexican vistors.
(Unless it happened quite a few years ago. The visa requirement for Mexicans was imposed in July, 2009. Before that, he might have had no problem pulling the visit to Canada. )

Being a native born, 5th generation American citizen, I’ve always been detained at least briefly trying to enter the US from Canada. The first time was entering Ft Kent, Maine, and I assume the official said to themselves “Wow! an automobile!” and after having my tires removed (seriously) I was allowed on my way.

Another time was driving back from Montreal. My girlfriend was Belgian. Hours later…

Last time was with my daughter, who was born in Spain, but of course is a citizen. After 2 hours, we were allowed into the country.