Illegal immigration.. your stance?

I am withholding my opinion on this one but I want yours.

You don’t have a bucket for my opinion - immigration ought to be a basic human right. I don’t really count whether it’s “good for” the recieving country. These are people who want to travel to a different place and get a decent job there - bfd. Or at least, it ought to be.

Anyone else?

The solution to illegal immigration is to open up a reasonably accessible legal path for immigration.

I support a tough stance on illegal immgration, as well as making it significantly easier to immigrate legally.

Immigration should have many accessible legal routes. However, breaking the law should be enforced. So pretty much what the last few posters said.

The “illegals” I know are here to work, and work hard, at jobs a lot of Americans wouldn’t care to do.

BUT, when we have too many illegals coming in, drugs and crime come in with them. The horrific crimes in Mexico have some roots here in the USA. Open borders would mean we’d also have to get rid of customs, the war on drugs, etc. (altho that last might not be so bad…)

A varient of the old “bracero” program may be a feasable solution (You find a job in a certain occupation, you get a card allowing you to do that job. Bascially farm labor contractors would be able to ship in whatever workers are needed. )

Yeah, mostly what several others said: I don’t agree with any of the poll options. I think people shouldn’t come into any country illegally, it’s a crime and they should be prosecuted for it as with any crime; I also think that countries should have a reasonable, relatively quick route to allow people to enter and leave them in a legal manner without having to sit on lists for years upon years.

You are a coward, then?

Well, so far I agree with pretty much what everyone has said.

Then you are a Coward!

I have one account and one only, and I agree with the main points others have made (legal immigration should be made easier, but stricter measures should be taken against illegal immigrants).

How was that so hard to say then? I apoligize for any insult. Carry on with your thead…

Well, in my thread about food stamps I was ripped to shreds, so I was kind of nervous. But anyway yes, we can continue productively with this discussion I hope :slight_smile:

My vote is 3.5. Yes, I believe we should actually enforce our laws. I’m all for immigration, not at all for illegal versions thereof. But the ‘before we lose our country’ statement was a little strong; I don’t think we’ll get f’d in the a by illegals, so much as we are f’ing ourSELVES in the a by being wussies.

I’m all for legalizing, or at least legislating, some of the more recreational, currently illegal drugs. But the absolute bullshit that goes in in Mexico because of it…unless there’s pretty good evidence that making it legal would stop THEIR bullshit, I’m all for nuking them all from orbit.

<Sorry, sounds harsh, but ffs, the trafficking is downright evil. I’m only a few miles from the border, and every day expect to find the bodies piled up on on this side instead of ten miles thataway>

I don’t mind having immigration, as long as the immigrants coming in are law abiding, productive folks who get jobs, pay their taxes and contribute to the community in a positive fashion. If the people coming in are a bunch of drug running gang bangers or people just looking to mooch off the social welfare system, then the country would be much better off without them. Ironically, I heard recently that the number of Mexicans leaving the US to go back to Mexico is now exceeding the number that come into the US from Mexico each year. Shows what happens when there is a job shortage.

I’m a legal immigrant; so is my wife and so was my mother. I’ve seen the benefits that come with diversity and I heartily approve of it. I’ve been screwed over personally at times by the US immigration system, its courts and laws, so I’m admittedly a bit biased. I think we can make some changes to improve the system to the benefit of immigrants and the nation at large. I don’t subscribe to the belief that undocumented aliens are a major threat to our country in any way, except for those who choose to break other criminal laws while they are here. Those we need to flush out and send home ASAP.

On a larger scale, we as a nation need to look at the policies that hurt our neighbors (particularly in Central and South America) and keep their economies in a state where many of their citizens feel it in their best interest to leave home and come to the US without legal authorization. I think that if we did more to genuinely improve life in those countries (including reducing our enormous appetite for illegal drugs) we would see many immigrants choose to return to their homeland and fewer seek to come here.

I put it as “the right to live wherever you want to”. Many people from my homeland moved away under threat of death, and I’ve been on the (international) move pretty much since I finished college, so both sides of the equation are very much in my mind.

Spain was able to lower illegal immigration from Latin America greatly thanks to an education campaign and to having processes to immigrate which, while complex to navigate, aren’t set up to scare people away or to require a lawyer; simply put, we told many people who were thinking of coming illegally of the relatively-easy ways in which they could come legally. The African side is more difficult for many reasons, sadly.

People don’t migrate illegaly because they woke up saying “hey, today I’m going to break the law!”, they do it because they’re desperate. I’ve told before the story of that Miami company whose HR manager discovered that their Legal department had been blackmailing their employers by making them lose their permits and then threatening them with La Migra, when they tried it with me and my response was “well, since you’re not willing to assist me in staying here legally, hasta la vista baby.” I’m from Spain and had the choice of going back home: the hundreds of employees from Cuba or Haiti did not have that choice. When I called INS to ask whether there was anything I could do, the woman on the other end of the line called me a “stupid fucking whore”… yeah, that certainly helps ensure that migrants will trust and collaborate with the authorities!

I believe the borders should be open to anyone who wants to enter the country, but who must agree to abide by our laws, pay taxes, and support the economy in exchange for receiving a decent wage at a job.