Illegal property in community property states

Say one is legally married in a community/marital property state. Say further that one is a convicted felon who is not legally permitted (either as a matter of statute or sentence) to own particular types of property (for example, guns or computers). Say one’s spouse purchases such property with community/marital assets, making the felon spouse an owner under civil law. What’s the legality? Does the criminal conviction of one spouse affect the rights of the other spouse to own property? Does whether the felon spouse had knowledge of the purchase make any difference?

More generally, say one spouse (felon or not) buys illegal property (assault weapons or drugs) with marital/community assets. Does the civil ownership interest of the other spouse (also regardless of felon status) implicate that spouse criminally, whether they knew of the purchase or not? I’m alreasy aware of various forfeiture laws so that’s not what I’m talking about in the second question. I’m asking if both spouses are guilty of possession when one buys with community/marital assets.

I’m in Wisconsin which is a marital property state but as always I know answers will vary by jurisdiction.

Felons can’t own computers? When did that happen?

I think some sex offenders are prohibited from owning computers, particularly if their conviciton involved computer-disseminated kiddie porn.

I was suggesting computers as an example of a sentence provision. What I was actually thinking was hackers but I suppose kiddie porn purveyors would also qualify.

Isn’t Mitnick barred from owning or using computers?

Most possession statutes contain words like “knowingly.” They require that one know, or have reason to know, that materials in one’s possession are illegal, and that they possessed them.