Illinois/Indiana toll road fees

I did a search on Google and found out more than I wanted to know about how and why toll roads were built, but what I really need to know is how much are the fees? One of the Illinois sites gave me some idea (40¢-50¢ per gate or whatever…) but nothing for Indiana. I will be coming down from the highway that goes through Madison and going through Chicago to north eastern Indiana on I-80? I think it is. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on how much change to bring with for the toll roads?

Indiana does not show up as quickly as the others, because it is formally named the Indiana Toll Road (rather than Turnpike). The fees (for which you need an Adobe© reader) are at for cars
or they can be selected by class from

(From end to end by car or motorcycle (w/o trailer or duals) is $4.15.)

Illinois provides a map (also in Adobe© .pdf format) that shows all the toll roads (with crossroads) and the locations and prices of each toll gate at

From this page of the Illinois site, you can download a free version of Adobe© Reader, if you need it.

The Illinois page from which you can get Adobe© is at

Thank you ** tomndebb **. I’ll plan on bringing along about $10 in change. I am going to be living off my credit card mostly, so I don’t want to be stuck at one of those booths stammering “Uh…I don’t have any more money - Visa?” I haven’t been through those toll booths for years.

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A little off topic, but I’d suggest you travel with more than just $10 in cash. You never know when you might need money in a situation that doesn’t allow credit cards.

Good idea C K Dexter Haven, I had planned on bringing some cash (I’ll hit an ATM before I leave), but for this question I was thinking more of the change/coins aspect - those toll booths don’t take bills, do they? Can they make change if all I have is paper money? This used to happen to me when I’d take the bus too. I’d always worry myself sick about not having enough or the exact amount of coinage. :frowning:

Most IL toll booths do take bills - they have ‘automatic’ (drop in exact change) bins on some lanes, and ‘manual’ (not exact change, or for trucks) lanes which have a person in the booth to provide change. The exceptions are certain toll booths on some on/offramps, which have the automatic bins only.

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Boscibo, the Indiana Toll Road is a bit different - you only pay when you leave the Toll Road, and they are all manned booths. They’ll take coins, cash or credit. Chicago to the South Bend/N.D. exit cost $2.35, at least it did as late as last summer.

The Indiana Toll Road isn’t a pay as you go kind like Illinois is. You get a coded ticket when you get on and when you get off at one of the exits the toll taker scans your card and tells you how much you owe by how far you’ve driven. So if you’re driving straight from one end to the other you’ll only have to pay once you get to the end, and you can just hand the toll-taker whatever bill you have handy.

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Another thing to mention is that there are gas-stations and restaurants inside the Toll Road, so you don’t have to get off the Toll Road to go to the bathroom or eat or gas up.