Illuminati and the Masons


As a member in good standing of the Free and Accepted Masons, the Shrine of North America and the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, I want to tell you that we bear you no animosity whatsoever. The black helicopters hovering over your home are merely a courtesy we extend to everyone who expresses such a deep interest in our New World Order.

When the man in black knocks on your door, please be polite and go along quietly.


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Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati? (04-Feb-1982)

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I’m sorry UncleBill- I can’t see your last post. Could you repeat it?


Hey! Remember, the All Seeing Eye is watching you. You don’t think that pyramid on the dollar bill is for decoration do you?


Ever since that Tomb Raider movie, people have been getting postively snippy. What’s a conspirator to do?

Just wondering who out there has ever read The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Shea and Wilson. Oddest and most nonsensical book I think I’ve ever had the combined pleasure and displeasure to read. Its one of those books where you know the authors are laughing to themselves as the reader is compelled to actually plod through there 800 or so pages of nonsequiters, contradicitions, and hundreds of characters most of whom only show up once, or show up multiple times in different forms. Heck, even the narrator can’t make up his mind who he wants to be.

Samuel Stoddared does a really good job of summing up the book in his Book-A-Minute at Rinkworks:

Given the previous replies to this thread, I’m pretty sure every one of us has. Love that book-a-minute link. LoL.

I preferred “Focault’s Pendelum”, though. Eco is an amazing writer.

I just realized I made an error in crediting the guy who wrote the book a minute.

Although it’s Stoddard’s website, the author of the summary was David J. Parker.

Haven’t red Focault’s. Might have to check that one out.

Personally, I preferred Schroedinger’s Cat by the same authors. A much better head-trip, IMO. The last three pages are amazing, like fireworks in the brain. Yeah, it’s a kind of juvenile stunt, but fnord it’s still pulled off pretty well.

Focault’s Pendelum is more of a thriller than a head trip - until you get to the very, very end and you realize that - yes - Eco has been messing with your head and very effectively, too.

Really incredible author - he uses words the way a juggler uses balls - or maybe flaming torches.