I'm 32 without a single wisdom tooth not even impacted, are they yet to erupt?

I ask because other people assure me they are, I’ll hear a story about how at age 24 they started coming in. I don’t think any are even impacted or below the gumline, there is no room on top and below there are just bare gum with no feeling of anything below the gum.

I’ve never examined an X-ray of my teeth, I’ll remember to ask next time I’m at the dentist.

Some people never get them. It’s uncommon, but not all that rare.

Others, me for instance, have four perfectly good extra molars in our mouths. Wisdom teeth aren’t always a disaster. I’m very happy with mine.

Your dentist is the only one who can give a definitive “yes or no” answer. The biggest issue, as I understand it, is that when they come in they crowd out the other teeth, but x-rays can show whether this will be an issue for you or not.

I’m in my 40s and I never developed any wisdom teeth.

I still have one of my original wisdom teeth, and that one I had room for because the adult bicuspid in that quadrant of my mouth just never existed, for some reason. If my bicuspid can go AWOL, then so can your wisdom teeth. It’s far from the weirdest thing that happens in biology.

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My mom, age 70, still has wisdom below the gum line. It happens.

My wisdom teeth came through in my 30s. My gums were occasionally sore because of it, but I still have them all and they sit coexist happily with my other teeth.

Same here. That is, I’m 40, and they’re buried behind the gum line. I did get one removed at the advice of my dentist about six or seven years ago, but it’s never affected me in any measurable way (and my extraction was particularly unpleasant, so I’m not sure I’d do it again if I could go back in time.)

All four of mine came in with room to spare, during my teenage years. Eventually, I needed to have the top two removed, as they got cavities, and it didn’t make sense to fill/crown them.

Mine never came in. They are there but do to my large mouth, LOL, I doubt they’ll every erupt or cause issues.

I just never had any, above or below the gum line.

When my mother passed at 81, she had never gotten wisdom teeth. Her grandmother had the same luck.

You guys remind me of the 90-year old man in the confession booth:

Priest: Are you confessin’ or boastin’?

So maybe people were right, interesting thanks.

Dentist here, the short answer is it depends. First do you have wisdom teeth? Your dentist should have x-rays that will let you know. About one in four folks are missing one or more wisdom teeth. They are the most common tooth to be congenitally missing. No cite but 29 years of doing this, if they haven’t come in yet they probably won’t unless something changes. If something happens to your second molar or if there is a change in your occlusion it could cause eruption.

FWIIW you should find out if you have them. I’ve seen plenty of folks in their 30’s and 40’s loose their second molar because the impacted third molar destroyed the back of the second molar under the bone level and the second molar became non restorable.

You’re lucky. I’ve had three pulled from the lower left. The second dentist didn’t believe me and I had him get my records from the previous dentist. I didn’t bother trying to convince the third dentist (this was over a span of 30 years) and he didn’t believe me until he actually got the tooth out. The roots were curled over like fish hooks (apparently this one spent most of my life backed up behind the first two).

The other 3 positions have only had one each (all pulled by now). I’m not sure why the lower left decided that I need more…

This is random but it kind of makes me sad, I had all four of my wisdom teeth and they all erupted normally and the Orthodontist even said I had enough room in my mouth for them, but when I got braces they extracted all of them, basically I guess, Orthodontists don’t want to deal with the wisdom teeth, or they make the treatment that much longer and complex. I still have them in a bag:(

My current dentist in is in the only good wisdom tooth is an extracted wisdom tooth camp, which sentiment was quite common for awhile. That probably accounts for your healthy wisdom teeth being extracted. Yes, my upper right did need to go because of decay, but as I pointed out, I’ve had the rest for 30 years and they aren’t causing problems so maybe I’m not eager to have them out. Even if the extraction was as uneventful as possible that doesn’t mean I want to have more.

I expect this will become a matter of discussion every six months as long as I continue to see him.

I’m 37. I don’t have, and have never had, wisdom teeth.