I'm A Bear With A Carrot

I’m a bear with a carrot. How about you?
There’s lines of radial symmetry in my drying Elmer’s glue
Oh the grass was tinsel wide
on the day my carrot died
Quantum ooze means that I can flow through you.

My broken pretzels lie in Morse code on the floor
They say your heart is rotten to the core
Oh you know they can’t deny
Though the fools will often try
That capital gains on dividend reinvestment will accrue.

Honey don’t conjugate that verb in the past tense!
Like a Higgs Bosun actualizing in Planck Space you’re pretty dense.
I got my carrot right here.
You may find it pretty queer.
But I’m leaving in a stochastically probable sense.

It’s like no cheese I’ve had before Grommit.

I don’t have a clue what this means, but I know that I like it.

Strange …

No one-legged concrete donkey’s may walk through.
Is that spider smiley really supposed to be a happy orthodox jew?
Oh, what to say?
about who I am today.
Filet gumbo and bouillabaisse are really just fishy stew.

Either way is fine with me I have to say
Monday’s fine but Thursday’s my tennis day.
When I’m sad your glad
so I’m glad you had
your brown-eye icicled cry on judgement day.

Your pan-fried chicken frenzy cannot be.
If the heat is equilibrious that’s entropy.
oh one more time
just raise me from the slime
Evolve a brand new carrot here on me.

but motorcycles don’t have doors.

Oh brother…is this one of those crappy “Pogo” threads?

No backdoor cheeseway danish can defeat me.
Like the Mclellan oscillator measuring market volitility
Oh the ruminants wont’t decline
to eat the berry from the vine
and the windfall rain shall come and set me free.

No fossil trilateral symmetry will you find.
The weak nuclear force controls the ties that subatomically bind.
Oh lead me to Noah’s Ark.
I must drown and can’t embark.
A bear with a carrot’s simply one of a kind.

I’ll write no poly-puff chrome schematics on my aquarium
Until my alternate interior angles are non-euclidian.
don’t feed me fish flake food
lest I seem to come off rude
Sorry that a bear with a carrot’s all I am.

It makes sense in a parallel universe kind of way…
hey, I like it.

I’ve got no more verses. Feel free to add on or critique if you like.

Umm…Yeah, my thoughts exactly ?


I know those words, but that sign makes no sense


It’s actually pretty cool IMHO, chock full of sig lines to boot!

is this some sort of “Bear” joke???
if so, it’s not nice.
But, now that you mention it, I am a Bear with a large carrot too!!

No, it’s not a bear joke. No bears were harmed in the creation of the above doggerel.