I'm a bit cold...

Hey folks; this is my pathetic attempt to check in after disappearing for a couple weeks. (I’m sure my leaving like that gravely affected all of you…) Anyway, my SO has now departed :(, so I can spend time online again - maybe I can find a heat rock for bedtime; it’s a lot colder without her…

Anyway, how’s life been? Has anything happened that I simply must see? Have I been sufficiently annoying yet?

I’ll go now.
[sub][sup]Somehow, that sad smiley just doesn’t cut it. sigh[/sub][/sup]


Did you miss anything? Nah… same old same old! :smiley:

Warm up? Get yer ass into chat where there’s always licks, hugs, happy fuzzy bunnies and cinnamon rolls for your pleasure. :wink:

hugs Le Sang

Welcome back, babe.