I'm a Drag King!

Some of you might remember that many moons ago I asked the SDMB for help in putting together a drag king show at my (all-female) college. What with one thing and another the show got pushed back many times, but we finally had it last night. And I won! I’m the MAN! I got a CD of manly songs (which I burned in the first place), a pair of socks with the college logo, and a “Golden Phallic Symbol” that our MC made.

I am so proud of myself that I just had to share. I also wanted to thank everyone who gave me suggestions in the earlier thread. The SDMB is the greatest!

There will be pictures, yes?

The photos from the actual event have not yet been developed, but at the top of this page you can see one that my roommate took of me while I was rehearsing my costume.

My mother says I look like the sort of young man who would spit and scratch himself in public. :slight_smile:

I thought I’d share a little more about the drag show, if no one minds. Heck, I’ll do it even if you do mind. :slight_smile:

We convinced three male professors to judge, and we made them all dress in drag too. Two of them made a good-natured effort, but one really got into it. He had a formal gown, a blonde wig, and everyone seemed to admire his taste in shoes.

Since a lot of students went home for Easter we had a bit of a hard time getting contestants. Then two dropped out at the very last minute! So we only had six “boys” competing for the title of Drag King, but that was enough to make a good showing.

The competition had four events: a pickup line competition, a “manly talent”, Q&A, and a lip sync act. We left the lip sync portion unjudged since a lot of the contestants were nervous about it, but will probably change that next year. Everyone was really good, and since the best dancer in the group didn’t even make runner-up it would have been nice if “he” could have received some recognition for “his” strongest event.

The competition was pretty fierce, but I won in the end. I think my advantage was in that I have a very ordinary sort of face. I never considered this a bonus before, but I have recently discovered that it means I can disguise myself far more easily than people with more striking features. Many people failed to recognize me in drag. The day after the show some girls told me that they’d gone to the show but didn’t see me. I said, “How could you miss me? I’m the one who won!” They were all very surprised and said, “That was YOU?”