I'm a klutz

I really didn’t want to go make that last home visit today. I had a training class that got out about 3:30, so I went home and played computer games for an hour, and thought seriously about calling to reschedule. But I knew my client had left work early so I could meet with him, so I did the right thing and drove over to the house. As I was walking up the sidewalk to the front door, I somehow managed to lose my balance. I took a few drunken staggering steps before falling face first onto the sidewalk. My cell phone, keys, notepad and pen went flying. I took the skin off the heels of my hand, twisted both wrists and, I think, sprained my right wrist.

Ow! :frowning:

To add further to the indignity, I was wearing a dress. Usually when I’m going to be visiting clients, I wear pants because I never know what condition the house is going to be in. But since I had to go to a class, I dressed up. So I also got runs in my pantyhose and scuffed the toes of my shoes.

grumble gripe complain

At times like that, it’s best to have a good, absurd explanation handy for the inevitable “What happened to you?”

You know, something like “Oh, this. I had to wrestle my iPod away from a rabid llama. No biggie.”

It’s always great to have an expert speak up in situations like this! :smiley:



No relation?

Ow. I did something very similar a few weeks ago and ended up with a HUGE ugly bruise on one knee, a scraped elbow and various other minor ailments. Plus, I was just sore all over the next day, for some reason. It was a really nasty surprise. I haven’t fallen like that for years and it really brings home the fact that you don’t weight 50 pounds anymore.

I hear ya. During my Official Worst Day of the Year 2004, I slipped on some damp pavement (It was January, but it wasn’t even icy!) flailed spectacularly (all in front of a crowd of spectators, of course) and came down hard on my left knee, ripping out the knee of my favorite pair of slacks. First time I’ve ruined a pair of pants since I was, like, ten years old. It was annoying to rip my pants, and humiliating to do it in public, and my knee hurt for a week. (And that was just the first of three really rotten things that happened to me that evening.)