I'm a mass murder/serial killer. Can I make a plea bargain?

Let’s say that I decide to either just square accounts and go postal, or i decide that I want to go on a Ted Bundy style multi-year spree. Let’s say that I cap about 20-30 people. OK. I finally get busted, and everybody can ID me (at least, that’s what they tell the cops.)
Of course, I did it, but, I don’t want to die, so I plead not guilty. Will I get a plea deal? I read that Ted Bundy was offered one to save his life, but he was such a tool that he got too smart, and torpedoed it by telling the judge that his attorney was ‘defeatist’, or some such, and the prosecutors called it off.
Well, if Bundy got any kind of an offer, then I suspect that anybody can. Am I correct?
Don’t need answer fast.


I think if you plead not guilty, you can’t get a plea bargain at all since that requires you to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for your life to be spared.

Well, yeah, but that’s my starting point. I go high, they go low, etc…but, thanks for the input!

I think that if some of the victims’ bodies haven’t yet been located, the authorities might be willing to take the death penalty off the table if you help them find them, as that might help the survivors.

There was a case here in Ohio where some guy killed a mother and her two kids and stuffed their bodies in a hollowed out tree in the middle of nowhere. He was caught and spared the death penalty because he told the police where the bodies were.

The guy turned out to have a sexual fetish for trees and he said that’s why he did it.

You can definitely make a plea deal. Bundy had accepted his plea deal provisionally but withdrew it at the last moment because he was insanely stupid.

I’ve never understood that FWIW, there was plenty of physical evidence linking Bundy to the three murders in Florida that initially sent him to the death chamber. (I think he may have been convicted a few different times in later trials, but I’m unsure on that.) He left his teeth marks in one of the sorority girls, an eye witness saw him leaving the school grounds with the twelve year old he murdered (Kim Leach, his final victim), and there were rare fibers from clothing Bundy wore at the scene of one of the crimes. I never understood why prosecutors were willing to make a deal with him at all.

Of course, if he hadn’t been sentenced to death in Florida he was going to end up getting tried and sentenced to death in at least one or two other states anyway, so I don’t know that Bundy could have ultimately escaped a death sentence. However by getting the death sentence in Florida he was put on a clear path to actually being executed, if he had been sentenced to death in Oregon or Washington state he probably would still be alive on death row.

The Green River Killer took a plea deal in exchange for revealing the location of some bodies, and to spare the victim’s families a trial, and he has some 45-50+ dead women on his hands.


Both the Olympic bomber and the Green River Killer got plea deals. If a killer has victims that have not been found they can use that in the bargain. Also trials are very expensive because of the enormity of the amount of evidence typically collected. Many localities are anxious to not have the expense and are willing to deal with serial killers.

You can make all the plea bargains you want. The state doesn’t have to accept them. And they won’t, unless you come up with something really juicy to sweeten the pot with.