I'm a stockholder!

I got granted shares in an internet company way back in 2002, before the company went public. It’s something I’d completely forgotten about.

Today, I happened to be poking around old email on an account I no longer use, and ran across the email granting me the stock. A whopping six shares. So I looked up the company, and lo and behold, they’re public!

Good news: the shares are trading at around $23 today.
Bad news: in April of last year, the shares were trading at $101.

So much for my get-rich-by-acquiring-stock-then-forgetting-about-it scheme. The timing was a little off.

I had some stock turn up from a previous employer. 48 shares. The company used to be owned by a UK company (it’s headquartered in Dublin now), and I got some UK stock too. I don’t know how it got from there to here, but I have a whopping almost-51 shares of Home Retail Group, which I guess is the UK equivalent to Home Depot or something. My former employer’s stock does pretty well, but every time I look at the UK stock it’s down. Dammit, Brits! Go build a new shed! And then buy tools to keep in it!

So anwyay… Yeah. A bit over $800 in stock. I don’t think I’m going to be buying any islands in the near future.

Something else to check, just to be sure: has the company had any stock splits since you were awarded the stock? If so, you will (probably) have more than 6 shares. For example, if they had a 2 - 1 split in 2006 and another 2 - 1 split in 2009, you now actually have 24 shares.

Also, check if they had a “reverse split” after you were awarded the stock but before they went public. Reverse splits are common when a company is preparing to go public. In a 2 - 1 reverse split, your 6 shares would be reduced to 3 shares…