I'm about to read through my new microwave oven instructions manual

You must have a one of a kind or something, Panasonic hasn’t heard of that model number.

I looked this morning. It’s not on the front inside the door at all. Anyway, it’s all the other microwaves I use that bug me. There are two upstairs at work, one downstairs, and about 12 or 15 in the cafeteria. Of course most of them are different models. Two minutes for a bowl of soup is fine in some, too cold in others, etc. etc. Just put the damned wattage on the front!

I put Microwaves in the same category as television sets, and probably several other products.

They’re chock full of features that sound like a great idea, but in reality they’re never used, or poorly implemented.

I recently bought a name brand 60" television. It’s a 3d, smart TV, and it comes with fun apps! :rolleyes:
The smartTV features on it suck balls. My ROKU box provides a ton more functionality and is a lot easier to use. I’ve NEVER understood why 3d was forced down our throats. I don’t know ANYONE who uses it. Like some of your microwave’s new features, I don’t know how to use it because I don’t want to. Unfortunately It would have been more work to find a comparable TV that DIDN’T have some of those features baked in; and they’re all wasted.

Enright, I too bought a fancy Samsung TV just because the quality of the picture was great, and it has very small edges so that the screen goes right to the edge of the TV. And yes, it also came with 1000 smartTV features, none of which I use.

I will quibble with you on the 3D bit though. I do watch 3D movies sometimes, and also play 3D video games on it, so it’s nice for that, if you are into it.

The best owner’s manuals to read are those which are written in English by someone who is not a native speaker and who has only a minimal grasp of the language. I’ve bought products that were made in China that really needed good instructions to understand how to operate, but the manuals read almost like gibberish.

Many microwave ovens have a specific button for popcorn.

Most microwave popcorn products that I’ve noticed specifically say in the instructions to NOT use the oven’s popcorn function.

Go figure.

One night I was bored at work waiting for a machine to stop it’s cycle. With nothing else handy I started reading the manual.

Not written by a native English speaker. One I still laugh about is a setting that would be at the 9 on a clock face. The manual called it the “3/4 o’clock position”.

I bought a cheap ipod ripoff from China that had a manual like that. It was brilliant. Any time it was going to explain a point further it would say "Elucidation: " and then things like “when word twinkling” (twinkling meant flashing).

I never figured out how to use that thing properly, but it didn’t matter because it broke within a week or two anyway.

Do not operate the microwave while sleeping (you, not the microwave).:smiley: