I'm addicted to a mean, mean forum (not this one)

Why, oh why do I post there? Why, oh why do I respond to idiots, malcontents and trolls?

Anyone else suffer from Mean Thread Masochism (MTM)?

I just avoid all the Pit threads slagging fellow posters. It’s nice that they self segregate out of the thread of origin, but if I want to see people shit where they eat, I’ll go hang out with the homeless guys downtown.

Also, do not PMS and post.

I’d also like today don’t drink and post, but that would make me a hippycrit! :wink:

To say…

Exhibit farking A

Jennshark, I used to have a lot of misdirected rage and participated in a forum that was a bizarre combination of control freaks, spiritual seminar junkies, genuine spiritual seekers, con men, paranoid schzophrenics with brilliant minds and messiah complexes, debunkers, and kind-hearted souls who defy description.

A lot of my anger was directed there. As strange as it may seem, one of my tormentors turned out to be one of the best guides through my anger and became a friend for that period.

In the meantime, I was able to work through to the source of my rage in therapy and gradually it fell away. That forum fell in on itself like Ravel’s Valse and was closed. I suspect that I wasn’t the only one that benefitted from this strange dance of anger.

I don’t recommend it for everyone, certainly. But I know that the release of rage can be addicting – especially if we have not addressed the source.

I had no intentions of projecting, but I couldn’t help but think of your recent loss when I read your post. That must feel just horrible. I’m very sorry. Do you think that might be affecting your posting at the other forum?

Blizzard’s battle.net forums.

Talk about a bunch of juvenile trolls. While possessing the ability to be rather comical in a strictly childish sense at times, most of these miscreants are complete blithering idiots with the IQ of a shoe lace.

On the upside, flame wars in these forums can be a tactically interesting battle with the potential to wipe out even the hardiest of warriors if not careful.

God Bless Battle.net.

I have just one piece of advice: Don’t mess with classical musicians on their bulletin boards. They are to a person fiercely competitive, and that means intellectually as well as musically. They are highly articulate folks with unquestioned values and beliefs, and no outsider arguments or points of view mean anything to them. If you don’t have their training and experience, they will rip you up one side and down the other and feel right to do it.

As an example: Two of the most arrogant, hardass posters on the board I was on were actually moderators.


Good place to learn how to delicately rip someone apart with the deft flick of a wrist though.

Hi Zoe: Thank you for your condolences and observations. I don’t think losing my brother has intensified my participation on the mean forum. It’s mostly (I think) that it’s a discussion board of my peers (college professors) and for all their (purported) education things get really nastly, really quick – but I still want to see the car wreck, though I know I should look away!

I was in another forum that got mean, frequently foregoing the issue being discussed in favor of flaming the poster
i would read it for amusement and post only when I had something valid to contribute (and then, of course, got flamed)
the straw that broke the camel’s back was the dredgin up of a 10 year old rumor (that took 3 years to die) and the borderlinne slandering of the parties involved. when I tried to defend the primary victim of the rumor I was promptly told where I could stcik it - so I left, without a word. and altho I am curious as to what they said about me when i was there to defend myself, I will not go back

I’m addicted to a mean forum too. It’s a right wing political forum, and it’s pretty much as far right as you can go without being a neo-nazi (and I have my doubts about some of the posters).

We’re talking about cheering the earthquake in Pakistan, because it killed so many muslims.

We’re talking about refighting the civil war and calling Abraham Lincoln a fascist.

We’re talking about calling Bush and Condaleeza Rice “leftist stooges”

I don’t post at all, because it would probably take me about 2 minutes to get banned, but damn, it’s interesting to read. I just have to wonder what happened to some of these people? Were they born damaged, or did they have a lot of practice. “Misplaced rage” is right.

Wow, glad to know there are others here like me. This is just one of several that I frequent. I frequent one that is actually larger than the SD. Although immature, I still find it addicting. With threads in the general discussion like, “I just /pnwed a dude in the Tech Forums” that stretched on for 19 pages, who wouldn’t be interested. Where the first reply to a thread is always “First Post!”, follow by “First Page!”, etc… I avoid the BBQ Pit here as well, I don’t like pitting anyone for their beliefs even if I disagree with them.

I find myself strangely intruiged. Care to e-mail me the link to this board? My e-mail should be in my profile.

Same here.

You haven’t seen mean until you frequent a mommies board.
I had no idea I was physically abusing my daughter when I stopped breastfeeding at nine months.

Between Mothering dottkom and the AOL boards I’ve taken all kinds of abuse.
And I love every damned minute of it. :slight_smile:

What happens off-board really should stay off-board. While I know the OP didn’t mention the name of the board she frequented, some of the rest of you posted the names of other boards. Since it’s too easy for this type of thread to cross the line, it’s better that we close it now.