I'm an atheist and even I'm mad at god about this


Was that really necessary? That isn’t even kicking people when they were down. The first earthquake hitting a dirt poor nation with tons of problems did that.

This is more like kicking someone when they are down then finding out which hospital they are staying at, going there, and pissing on them while they are lying on a hospital bed with tubes coming out of them.

According to Pat Robertson, you should be mad at Satan. I mean as long as we’re assign blame to the ficticious.

Pat Robertson is fictitious?

Would that he were.

Eh? Pat Robertson is real.
ETA: Damn, Wesley Clark beat me to it!

Most people believe in a terrorist God, or a God that allows a terrorist to go about his business without intervention.

Atheist, agnostic, or theist, you can’t help but think that someone/thing has it in for Haiti.

As one bit of black humor had it on Fark.com, “Well, Haiti’s run of luck had to end sometime.”

It’s 2012 all over again… the special effect are still ripping through the earths crust.
Let’s get one of these “Watchtower” magazines.

GOD sucks!!!

The best part about god is that he is all knowing. Therefore, he knows everything that will ever happen - including the earthquake on the little island on the little planet circling a little star in a little galaxy in the universe somewhere near sector 743.284.853dte45d.

Since from his perspective it is all pre-determined god must actually be powerless to change it, or some kind of paradox would occur. Perhap then satan would win forcing us to stop symbolically eating zombie jesus.

I don’t think anything has it out for them. I think it’s a horrible misfortune. I do “pray”, (or look up to the sky, and yell and scream at the heavens), but that’s therapy and superstition for me. I usually curse ‘God’. But no, I don’t think anything can hear me, or is applying any specific hardships on designated places or people.

Actually it’s sector ZZ9 Plural-Z A.

FWIW, this isn’t a separate incident, this is part of the original incident.

So you’re just mad at no one in particular?

Do we know really how much damage/loss of life this latest aftershock caused? Because there were dozens of aftershocks prior to this one, and the news has made it pretty clear that fear of aftershocks has kept anyone from going into any buildings. So it seems likely that most people were outside and hopefully not affected much by this.

The one thing I do worry about is rescuers that might have been inside unstable structures trying to rescue people.

It’s a good thing the aftershock happened - maybe 6.1 was a tad strong, but it didn’t seem to do much damage. And that stress had to be let out.

Why not? Anger seems like a natural human responce to injustice and pain. In a world where you can’t always* hold individuals accountable, it’s easy to get mad at nothing.

Shit, I scream in my car on my way to work because it’s the only safe place to scream, (and curse).

*I logically have a hard time holding individuals accountable for their actions. I don’t think you turn 18, and suddenly you have ‘control’. (One’s nature, past and environment)

You’re mad because aftershocks folowed an earthquake?

I knew it was an aftershock. Yeah, among other things, I’m pretty pissed off… at the situation.

It’s sort of sad and disturbing that an earthquake/tsunami/hurricane gets such a near-universal outpouring of aid and support, yet attempts to fix the grinding poverty, ethnic violence, and disease that are a constant condition for a large portion of the world’s population are either ignored, branded as first-world imperialism/policing, or are viewed as a waste of resources since those people just can’t help themselves.

Exactly. It’s all about packaging and hype. Maybe if Haiti had a better press agent?

Of course, a million people left homeless in a day is pretty striking.

Hey now. Leave Mike out of this.