I'm an Author!!!

I’m listed as an author on a research paper. :smiley: This is my first one!

Here is the PubMed listing.

This is the full-text article online:
(This link may not work. I don’t know if a subscription is needed or not.)

My work is show on figures 2, 3 and 4.

:smiley: :smiley:


Ah, to be published… Gnarly.

Thanks! I’m soooooo thrilled.

Funny conversation with my mother:

Me: Have you looked at the article?

Mom: Yes. I don’t really understant it.

Me: That’s ok. Fig 2 is some testing we did to ID cancer call. Fig 3 has two of my photos. Fig 4. .

Mom: Figure 3? What are these picture of?

Me: Mouse spleens. Oh, the one on the right was a tumor. It was HUGE!! They didn’t use my best pictures, I don’t know why.

Mom: Ohhhhh. Honey, I hate hearing about that! I’m proud of you, even though what you do is a little weird ::pause:: and gross.

So did you get a percentage or not? I’m glad you got your recognition, however I think I’ll refrain from reading the paper.


Congrats! having your first piece published is always an excitement! (but from the sounds of it, I wouldn’t take the article to parties to show it off…)

Congrats, M to the Second.

You working on the second one yet?

Many congrats to you! It’s nice that you’re finally recognized.

Congratulations! Now you can look yourself up in databases. You can go to Google Scholar and type in your name and look for it. You can go to Web of Science and see who referenced your paper. You can get extra copies and give them away to people.

It never gets old.