I'm batting .1000!

I just hit over 1000 posts!

I feel so… grown up!

Oh, please please please say you’ve even head my name. :slight_smile:

Does a typo count as an out or just a foul ball?

Definitely an out.

Possibly an ejection.

Ouch! Oh well. It was an amusing typo though. :wink:

Let me know when you are batting 1.000, 'cause batting .1000 sucks.

Yeah, pinch hitter! Pinch hitter!

Oh man. Looks like I’m beng traded to another team for a Danny Miguel and a player to be named late.

Or your being traded for Kevin Millwood.


How late will he be named? I need to print out his birth certificate!

BTW Bandit, I’ve seen plenty of your posts.

Now off to the trading block.

Curious, the player’s name will be changed to “Late.” The crazy things teams will work into trade agreements these days…

Hmmmm gotta like it when you can’t even break the Mendoza line in your own thread :smiley:

as opposed to the ultimate “player to be named later” swap, Harry Chiti? That’s about 35 years old.

No foolin’ the Cubs actually traded someone for a PTBNL and it was the same guy. It’s like they just loaned him for a few months.

What do you expect, it is the Cubs we are talking about :smiley: …:waits for hardygrrl to read that one…:

That was what the Mets did with Chiti in 1962.

Man, I’ve gotta learn how to type and spell correctly!