I'm becoming a trainspotter

No, I’m not addicted to heroin, like the Scotsmen in the film.

I’m becoming addicted to Washington Metro train numbers. I notice them on all the trains I see in the stations, and take a small amount of joy when consecutive cars on a train have consecutive numbers.

Recently, I saw a train with four cars: 4098, 4099, 3134, 3135. Two sets of consecutive numbers! That’s two pair. I see three-of-a-kind more often than that. So, trainspotting rules are like poker, right? What do I win?

Am I alone on this? Fellow trainspotters of the world, unite!

[sub](Yes, I still have jetlag.)[/sub]

::backs away slowly, then comes back to tell yet another chapter of personal saga::

When I lived on the train (back when I was a carny), our living cars (the front of the train) were 1,2,3,4,51. The flats (ride cars) had all the numbers in between, but were located after car 51 and the generator cars.

engine,engine,1,2,3,4,51,generator,generator,6,7,8,9,et al.
Bit silly, really.

[Ask me about how (former)Roommate and I met. It involved his room number [51-6] and my hearing problem.]

I must admit, I’m curious. Care to share?

We are on the BNSF main line. Coal trains nearly every hour. They are nearly a mile long. 98cars IIRC.I still sometimes look at numbers but usually I just stare at the cars as they go by and wish I had been one minute quicker getting there.
It’s a real bummer when you wait for one train to go by and then have to wait for another going the other way.
Yesterday I went to town twice and had to wait twice. Good thing I wasn’t in a hurry because the first time I had to wait for three trains. Two going west and one east.Then the second time I had to wait for two, one each way.It is not common for two trains to be within a mile of each other. Thats my all time record.
When a new train gets put into service most of the cars are in numerical order. It doesn’t stay that way long.