I'm beginning to think i don't like Captain Ford

I was thinking of putting this in the pit, but it’s not really a flame or a burn or anything like that. It’s just my very simple little opinion. I’m not going to criticise or anything (i already said everything i need to about the goon in the GQ thread started about Euty) and i don’t think he’s going to be around long enough to make it nessessary.

I’m just saying i don’t think i like Captain Ford. (it’s mundane, i’m sharing it)

Actually, i’d be surprised to find ot it’s really a person and not some automated typing drone built, owned and operated by Ford.

Just in the Cap’n is a real person, though, i thought it would be fun to come up with some of these:

Fixed Or Repared Daily
Fuckin’ Ol’ Rebuilt Dodge
Found On Road Dead
(Be Creative! Add our own!)

(Note: In my part of Canada the “Y” in “Your” is silent and is thus it is often forgotten. this is NOT another case of my abysmal spelling)

Hee hee.

Our Ford LTD got the following two nicks: Long Term Debt or Long Term Disability.

The error in syntax, on the other hand, is totally my fault.

Maybe i should get this thread re-named “Upham makes an ass of him self”

[sup]jesus god, $56,000 education my ass…[/sup]

Ohh. Captain Ford the POSTER?

There seem to be a number of < 10 post posters on the board that seem to disappear after one or two banned threads. I don’t think it’s coincidence, just a bored guy who doesn’t get out too much.

I am confused.

Confused enough that I will post stating I am so.

Fix or Repair Daily, was always my fave.