I'm bored.

I’m bored. I’m at Carl’s house, and we are doing nothing. Well, he’s asleep. But, I’ve been here since Thursday, and we have left the house three times. Once was going to Kroger’s. The other two were to get his last cheque from Smoothie King and to see my friend Livia. That means that of the last 58 hours, 52 hours were spent just sort of laying about the house. Make that 50 hours; we had sex twice.
I guess it’s good that we don’t have places that we have to be and things that we have to do. But I’m bored. And this is a rather common occurance here, since niether of us is creative and both of us are broke.
So, what do you guys do when you are bored, broke, and desperate to get out of the house? Maybe I won’t have to be so bored next time.


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Well, there’s always sex.

Hey, what are y’all looking at me like that for?

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Go here and kill some time and some brain cells.

San: Been there, done that, now he’s asleep.

And neither of your suggestions let me out of the house! I NEED to get out of this house! I’ve spent the last two, nearly three, days reading, watching TV, playing online. I want to go out!

San: Been there, done that, now he’s asleep.

And neither of your suggestions let me out of the house! I NEED to get out of this house! I’ve spent the last two, nearly three, days reading, watching TV, playing online. I want to go out!

Sigh, sorry about the double post. Its just the ghosts.

Jeez, since you’re a “student of life (and also of English)” you oughta be able to come up with something! This doesn’t get you out of the house, but instead of the SDMB, how about writing - essay, poetry, e-mails, short story? Outside: biking (you’re in Texas, right? weather oughta be decent there); walking. Any museums/art gallerys around? Window shopping at the local mall; got a dog? walk it. Got a car - go for a long drive in the country.

Start a rave.

Make a pie.

Take a long walk in the park.


Draw a portrait of you fiance.

Go to the mall and look at stuff you can’t buy.

Make your own beer.

Have sex in public places.

Go Christmas carolling around the neighborhood.

Fix up your/his car.

Get a free kitten.

Yell “FIRE” in a crowded space.

Find a job.

Cut down a Christmas tree of your own.

Start a garden.

Sew some of your own clothes.

Just DO SOMETHING!!! dammit

I was also bored this afternoon. So I went for a walk. Sure, it was only two hours, but I did a lot of thinking in that time, and now I’m all kind of rejuvenated.

I’ll be doing some more stuff tomorrow, and who knows, if there’s crap on TV I may just do some writing.

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Thanks y’all. I know I was being whiny, and these are some good suggestions. :slight_smile:

Walking really does help.

The library is free, also.

Backgammon rocks, too. And it’s for two players!

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Cessandra, Seems like you’ve accomplished quite a bit, twice in 50 hours. It must be months, maybe years since I’ve accomplished such a feat.
Go buy a book. I almost carry reading material if there are several hours of bored sitting around to be expected. In my car I have an emergency book, a murder mystery. I’ve been reading it for several years now. Once I cheated and peeked, I already know who done it.

Oh, I could find something interesting to do. A bit of intense deep mind probing should get things going.

sunbear – I don’t get it. Accomplished what? We usually do that a lot more often than twice a weekend.
A lot of people mentioned reading. That’s a good suggestion, except that I’d been doing it all weekend. Reading, watching TV, playing online. When it’s all you ever do, it gets dull. Same for going to the library – who wants to go out and read when we could stay home and read?

Play with matches! That always seems to cheer me up.


Take a basketball, go to the park, shoot some hoops.

Go to the closest art museum. Usually pretty cheap.

Go to the library, look up the list of historical houses in your neighbourhood, go visit them.

Find a web site with origami patterns, and learn to make a peacock with a piece of paper.

Learn to juggle three balls. (not that hard.)

Try to learn the names of all the different species of trees in your neighbourhood.

Go to the local arboretum and learn more names of plants.

Learn how to play bocce ball.

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Cess–since I know you’re in Houston, I’ll try to be Houston-specific
(1) Go to the Orange Show. It’s just south of Houston, off I-45. It’s one crazy man’s salute to the orange, “the world’s most perfect food.” www.insync.net/~orange
(2) Check out the water wall fountain in front of the Transco Tower, near the Gallaria. Bring your frisbee and/or a picnic lunch.
(3) Find the nearest Half-Price books and just spend time browsing. www.halfpricebooks.com
(4) See how construction is proceding on Enron Field.
(5) Drive down to Galveston and visit Colonel Bubbies Surplus Center. My favorite place when I was your age…www.colbubbie.com
(6) Go to the Contemporary Arts Museum. www.camh.org. Much more interesting than the regular museum.
(7) or just check this site until you find something that fits your interest: www.houston-guide.com

Hmm, either you found some good things to do, or we overwhelmed you with too many possibilities and you vapor-locked.

So, Cessandra, what’d you end up doing? Apart from more sex, that is.

Sigh, I’m sorry, I didn’t do anything of the things on the list. I know, I’m terrible.
We decided to go into towne and visit my grandparents, but then realized that it was Sunday and they’d be in church. So, we surprised them there. :slight_smile: I showed Carl around (it was the church I went to when I was little), and my grandparents took us out to lunch. It was nice.
BTW, thanks for your suggestions, even if I didn’t use any of them yet.


Killed a man with no hands. . .

I tried to cover a pretty wide geographical area, because I didn’t know where you were. Are you N,S,E or W of Houston, or smack dab in the middle? I grew up in Spring, but lived for a while in the Heights and on campus at UH.