I'm calling out the following Dopers:

Okay, first off, I’m in a horrifically bad mood. I haven’t been able to post for the past… uhh… really long time. Still don’t know why not. But while it’s fixed as of right this moment, I’m still keyed up from all those posts I missed out on replying to. Augh. So I’m taking it out on the following people:
[li]Zappo[/li][li]widdershins[/li][li]Fiver[/li][li]pbrtallboy [/li][li]FunLvnCriminal [/li][li]Rez[/li][li]dqa [/li][li]John Carter of Mars [/li][li]kniz [/li][li]mouthbreather [/li][li]gooti[/li][li]hobgnoblin[/li][/ul]

Does this list look AT ALL FAMILIAR??? That’s right. These are the people who got my hopes up, talking all big about their plans to attend BamaDope this coming weekend. But have they signed into the “Roll Call” thread? Nope. Not even a “gee, I’m very, very sorry for disappointing you, but I can’t make it.” Nuthin’.

I expect each one of you to make it up to me. Right now.

I’m especially disappointed in Zappo. :wally



Had to check and make sure I wasn’t on your bad side. Because then I’d be sad, you’d be mad. No one would be happy. It’d be anarchy!
But the world is safe.

I never said I’d come, but can I be on your bad side too? It just looks like such good company I’d be in!

I know it’s not much consolation, but I’ll still be there. And I’m even planning on bringing something yummy for you from the posh bakery where my sister works. :wink:


I kinda figured what this was all about, so I wasn’t a bit worried!


I’d just like to point out to those of you who are on her bad side that I’m not in her sig fer nothing…

She’s got sharp claws (wonder how many kittens she killed while she couldn’t post? Gotta have claws for that) and I bet she’s REALLY gonna be hissin’ atcha…

Iffit makes ya feel better, bk, I’d love to come to Bamadope when I move down south :slight_smile:

Yes, Silky, Serendipity, and Lsura are all safe from my wrath. Especially Serendipity. :smiley: And Venoma, we’d love to have you!

Cranks, I thought you already knew I hate you, you bitca. :stuck_out_tongue:

Punha’s right, you know. Notice the distinct lack of appearance by the above named posters. ::grrrrrr::

Yeah, me too, but I had to come check it out anyway, because hey, bobkitty’s posting again! Yay! Guess you won’t need me to post anything for you after all, huh darlin’? :slight_smile:

And come on, you guys! You all said you would come! I heard you! So, in the interest of lowering bobkitty’s blood pressure (and making this weekend as much fun as it can possibly be), please let her know what’s going on. OK? :slight_smile:

Wait, you called out “Rez”. Is that a shorthand method of calling me out, or do I have a twin sibiling I’ve never known about?

No, it’s not you. It’s FunLvnCriminal’s wife/girlfriend (can’t remember which). So relax. :smiley:

gulp Still a maybe. But I definitely want to cometo what I hope will be my first of many Bamadopes.

I just now found this thread and didn’t want to post in the RollCall until I knew something more definite. Hamsters and AOL have waged hit-and-run guerilla raids on me for the past day or two, I had to relog-in twice just to post this. I know, excuses, excuses. Sorry.

I got my days off from work, but am trying to line up a car (can’t trust mine for the trip), while trying to sort through a personal issue. I will post a confirmation and e-mail for directions if I’m coming or admit defeat as soon as I know something for sure. I figure by Wednesday afternoon at the latest.

Sorry, bobkitty. :frowning:

My sister and bro-in law are going out of town and we (gooti and I) agreed to house/pet sit for them.

Have fun!

Oh yeah, bobkitty? Well, right back at ya, because you have repeatedly ignored my queries to you about the disposition of these Buffy and Angel tapes I’ve dutifully been making for you for months now.

If you can’t be bothered, why should I be bothered?

::sputter:: ::sputter:: ::cough::


I somehow missed out on you offering me the rest of the Buffy and Angel tapes? You were finished with them all this time, and I’d just assumed you weren’t? How did I miss this? I DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? HUH?


Well, Fiver-sweetums, you could always bring them with you when you arrive at the KittyHouse Friday night for your grand, home-cooked candlelite dinner. I promise we’ll have your favorite music playing softly in the background, and the company will be only the most intelligent, witty, humorous people that we can find.


Well, ALMOST all the most intelligent, witty, humorous people that she can find.

You’ll see Reinhold and I on Saturday, after all.

:: puts on body armor and padding, waves the white flag, and prepares to face the claws and wrath of Bobkitty ::

Officially saying that I won’t be there. Regretfully, since I was looking forward to meeting real live actual Dopers for the first time and having a good time in B’ham. Profuse apologies and regrets.

There are some things I need to sort out on the homefront. Damn life.

I will now subject myself to whatever horrible punishment you see fit.

Wait! Stop! Don’t claw me!
We (me and FunLvnCriminal)will be there! I am currently searching for the Roll Call thread to check in.
Just in case I can’t find it - we will be attending the Zoo and Saturday night festivities.
Res: (cue Highlandermusic) There can be only one!

Fiver, if she doesn’t want those tapes, I have an idea…

Um, I really have nothing of consequence to add to this thread. If any of you are going to be in New Mexico instead of Alabama this weekend, drop me a line.

BobKitty: Sorry We missed the whole thing. I was really excited about it. I only know one way to make stuff up, but I don’t think the wife would be too happy about it. :wink: