I'm coming to Norfolk!

Arriving Monday p.m., leaving Thursday afternoon, will be busy 9-5 Tuesday & Wednesday. Looking for 1) good restaurants and 2) interesting places to visit. I’ll be free evenings and Thursday morning. Any suggestions?

ChiefScott, I know you’re at sea at the moment but I’m assuming you can remember your fair city. :slight_smile:

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  1. Italian – Il Giordino on the main strip at the beach. The sea bass is something to write home about. There isn’t a bad pasta dish on the menu. Ignore the appetizers. Order bruschetta. They’ll make it for you. Trust me.

  2. Holiday lights at the botanical gardens. Hang a right at Azalea Gardens Road (the first light upon leaving the airport). Look for the big light display. Nine bucks a carload and well worth it.

  3. MacArthur Center downtown. The newest, and in GBS’s humble opinion, the best mall around. Don’t miss the Victorian Harware store (kind of a cross between Land’s End and Home Depot). Again trust me.

  4. E-mail Atreal. He’s down the beach, but is dying to meet a Doper.

  5. Need a drink? Stormy’s at the Mariott downtown.

If I know where you’re staying, I can come up with a couple of other suggestions.
E-mail me.

Things to do in Norfolk. The Chrysler Museum is pretty good, especially considering how far off the beaten path it is.

And the Chief is too modest to say so, but Naval Station Norfolk is well worth a visit, even if the ship visits have been suspended. The best ship there is at sea, of course, but maybe you’ll get lucky and see the Roosevelt. IIRC, the Truman is also supposed to be home-ported there. Then wander over to the shipyard and see them laying the beam of the Ronald Reagan.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, after posting my query I went into internet limbo and was unable to log on until today (AFTER my trip to Norfolk).

The good news is I did get to visit the MacArthur Center and had a great lunch at an Italian place, Castaldi’s (?), there.

Unfortunately the only other sightseeing I got to do was to see the cannonball in the wall of St. Paul’s Church. There was another lady there, looking at her brochure and then looking at the church. It took us a few minutes to find the right place to look. I wonder why the Norfolkians (Norfolkites? Norfolks?) don’t come there to watch the tourists look stupid.

I wish I’d known about Atrael. I coulda stopped by. Oh well.

It doesn’t look like I’ll get back there anytime soon. This was a one time conference and the reason it was in Norfolk was because it’s too cold in New York this time of year. Sorry I missed y’all and thanks again for the advice.

“If ignorance were corn flakes, you’d be General Mills.”
Cecil Adams
The Straight Dope

Sorry to have missed you, but someone’s gotta man up these carriers!
Castaldi’s rocks. Their homemade ravioli is among the best I’ve tasted.

Oh, by the way, I’m using my 1,000th post on this thread. Consider yourself honored, pluto!