I'm confused Israel/Palestinian situation??

Arafat is the leader of the Palestinian people. Do they have a country within Israel?
Or are they just a polital party within the state of Israel?
And how can the leader of Israel/Sharon ban someone to excile if he(Arafat) is a resident of that/his country?
I understand that the Palestinian people want their own homeland within Israel and the Israeli people will not give it to them. I don’t really want the long story about this because I understand that it is very complicated but if anyone can condense this into a brief explanation it may help everyone understand it a little better.

In 1948, two states have been created in this area : A Jewish state (Israel) and an Arab state (Palestine). A war immediatly ensued. After Israel’s victory, the Palestinian part was absorbed in the neighboring states of Jordania and Egyptia.

In 1967, another war began between Israel and its arab neighbors. Following a new Israeli victory, “Palestine” was occupied by Israel (occupied territories) and has been occupied since.

At the beginning of the 90’s, following the Oslo peace agreements, a semi-autonomous “Palestinian Authority” has been created in part of these occupied territories. Arafat is the head of this “Authority”.
So, Palestinians don’t have a country within Israel, they have some autonomy in the territories occupied by Israel. That explains also how Sharon could ban Arafat.

If Israel won the war, why were the territories not annexed and now considered part of Israel? Why are they still considered territories?


Because Israel wanted (and still wants) to return them…as part of a negotiated peace settlement with Jordan or, later, with the Palestinians. Israel has no desire to expel the Palestinians from the land, and no desire to incorporate 1.5 million hostile people into their general population.

The only things they annexed were the rest of Jerusalem, due to its great cultural/religious/historical significance to Jews, and the sparsely-populated Golan Heights, for defensive purposes.

This website is really great:


If you go to History and Culture on the far left and then click on Timeline, you will get a really good, simple, straight forward description of what is going on. I didn’t understand this until I saw your thread and started wondering more about it, myself. So thank you for sparking that interest!