I'm craving blood

No, this isn’t a joke post. Right now, I really could go for a few ounces of fresh blood.
I’m not going to go out and bite someone’s neck or anything, but a few drops from a pretty girl’s lips… mmm.

Maybe it’s that I haven’t had any dinner tonight. Maybe it’s that I had a minor scratch earlier and got the barest taste. I’m seriously thinking about defrosting some hamburger meat, and not for the meat. (not going to actually do it, I have dinner plans later).

Cow blood tastes a lot like human blood. But I’ve noticed a bit of taste range even in my own. When it’s darker it tastes better, richer. Recently it’s been lighter, thinner. I need more iron in my diet.
My ex-gf’s blood was sweeter than mine and lighter tasting. Mine is salty-copper.

I know most of you probably don’t like the taste or think I’m a freak. This thread is for the rest of you.


Eek aside, there probably really is a correlation between taste and color. I know that the darker the color, the higher the glucose. In fact, I can often tell if a patient’s finger stick blood sugar is going to be high or low just by color.

So bon appetit, I guess.

Dats just scary!

< runs for cover >

I guess this is what they mean when they say still waters run deep…

Ehm, am I the only one who has encountered this before?

I’m not into bloodsport myself, but those who are seem to get a lot out of it, often sexually. As long as things are kept sanitary and consentual I say best of luck to ya.

The colour does vary, but I always asumed that was more due to different oxygen and co2 concentration.

That glucose stuff sounds pretty convincing though.

— G. Raven

p.s. do eat a lot of iron if you intend to drain yourself on a regular basis, and stay away from big, gushing veins of course.

Is this someone suffering from anemis or porphrya(sp)?

Red wings. :wink:

Well, I no longer want to eat now… EVER. Thanks for the diet suggestion.

Never tried that, and don’t particularly want to. Which is a little surprising in that I really like the two main components. Given the opportunity, I might well try it, but I think I prefer that particular activity in the more traditional style.


You straight guys are sooooo disgusting!


jayjay (shudder!)

In walks Ignorant Boy, star of such previous episodes as “What’s Felching?” and “Do They Really Do That to Goats?”

Today’s episode: What are Red Wings?

Well, I am assuming they are a possible byproduct of the female menstrual cycle. Unless that’s just not gross enough.

But with the OP, I guess I’ve bit my lip before and tasted blood. Kinda salty-ish, if I remember correctly.


Blood, from all the nosebleeds I’ve had, can taste either palatable (salty and ironish) or really gross (just bitter and nasty).

Redwings refers to performing cunnilingus on a woman during her mensus. How’s that for a nice, scientific way to put it?

The OP reminds me of a girl I dated in high school. At first I thought it was kind of cute, her fascination with all things vampire. Took a month or so but turns out, she thought she was a vampire.

The relationship didn’t last very long after that.

Last I heard, she’d contracted AIDS from her hobby.

The taste of blood is interesting to say the least, and I can respect some peoples fascination, sexual or otherwise, with it, but it’s hardly satisfying. Give me a good burger anyday, medium rare of course.

To complete the explanation:

Because that’s what it looks like you have on your face afterwards – Red Wings.

I’ve always heard red wings referred to as a “rainbow.” Although it doesn’t make me happy either way.

Urethra, the other red meat!


And here I thought he meant the hockey team.
Sorry, Detroit fans.