I'm developing a taste for Patrick Troughton's Doctor Mark II

One can catch up on Doctors one has missed via the intertubes. Wondrous things, those tubes.

Doctor Two is snarky! Okay, they all are, but he adds the worst hair until Chris Eccleston. And Zoe is hot in her spangled jumpsuit but Jamie is the worst Companion I’ve seen, from an acting standpoint.

The fact you like Troughton shows you are a man of taste and discernment.

The fact you don’t like Jamie, however, is blasphemy. Repent,

Then I take it you haven’t seen Tegan or Peri. Or, dare I say her name, Mel.

Thou shalt not speaketh her name!!!

There was very little wrong with Peri. :slight_smile:

Now Adric, OTOH… :eek:

She who’s name shall not be spoken was a pretty bad side kick. On the flip side, I really liked Ace, even though I couldn’t stand the seventh doctor or his adventures.

Going back to the OP, one of my favorite Doctor Who adventures is “The Mind Robber”. I recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it.

Except her tortuous accent-acting was horrendous.

You think he was worse than Turlough?

Turlough’s eyebrows made me uneasy. I had a girl-crush on Adric, much to my adult-self’s shame.

I really never concentrated on her voice. :slight_smile:

I never got to see Turlough. Clearly I should be grateful.

Thanks for the recommendation. We started watching the Doctor under Tom Baker, and until recently (Netflicks), haven’t really had a chance to see much of the prior Drs. A few months ago, we picked some first and second Doctors pretty much at random, and they were… well, less than entertaining. So, lemme ask, what are the best episodes of Hartnell and Troughton?

We saw several Jon Pertwee, which were fun, but I might as well ask for suggestions there, too?

“Planet of the Spiders” for Pertwee


Just poking my head in to say that I adore Pertwee, although I’m fond of Troughton as well.

“Spearhead From Space”: the first Pertwee, and the best “New Doctor” story ever. Plus Autons, those plastic window dummies that showed up in the first New Who.

“Terror of the Autons”: more Autons, plus the first appearance of the Master in all his glory. Forget John Simms doing “I’m off me meds, me”, there’s only one Master and that’s dapper, saturnine, urbane, Mephistophelean Roger Delgado.

“The Daemons”: a plot cheerfully nicked off “Quatermass and the Pit”, the Master impersonating a vicar and leading a coven of Satan-worshippers, and Unit and the mighty, maginificent Brigadier at his finest: “Sergeant - chap with the wings. Five rounds rapid”.

“Inferno”: alternate Earth with evil fascist alternate Brigadier, complete with eyepatch.

That was pretty silly; the premise that goo below the earth will turn you into a werewolf like creature.

Anyway, as for what I personally believe are good episodes from each of the Doctors:

For Pertwee, I really enjoyed “Death to the Daleks”, “Planet of the Spiders” as previously mentioned, and “The Time Warrior”.

First Doctor recommendations: “The Keys of Marinus”, “The Aztecs”, “Planet of Giants”, and “The Chase”, which has an episode where the Daleks are beaten by a bunch of amusement park robots :D.

Some of those episodes are kind of long though. The old episodes could be four to six 25 or more minute episodes.

And finally, for the second Doctor, I’d recommend: “The Tomb of the Cybermen” which is kind of interesting, although I kind of cringed at the character of Toberman, a black servant who seemed somewhat a simpleton.
“The Mind Robber” as previously mentioned, and his last episode, “The War Games”, although it’s pretty long, being made up of 10 25minute episodes.

Slightly off topic, there are episodes from each Doctor which I have always wanted to see, but they are incomplete. I’m considering this. Has anybody ordered anything from them? Is it any good?

I think Peri (Nicola Bryant) is one of those unfortunates who was educated on both sides of the pond and has been saddled with an accent that’s a parody of both.

I’ve seen/heard quite a few of these. IMO they are well worth seeking out, they are like radio plays with some accompanying visuals and text. Considering what they are working from they do a great job. My cousin is a colossal Whovian and has ordered direct from them many times and they are reliable as far as I’m aware.

I’d recommend Power of the Daleks for starters.

Have you seen the BBC Photonovels of some of the missing episodes?


No I haven’t, thanks for the link.

Best Doctor 2 Story: Tomb of the Cybermen.

Famously lost until recently, the Doctor is manipulative and commanding.

Some genuine chills (pardon the pun) as the Cybermen slowly come to life and break out.