I'm dreading 9/11 this year

Perhaps not for the reason you’d expect, I’m positively dreading the imminent approach of the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America – September 11, 2002. It’s not that I’m afraid of a second attack. I seriously doubt that it’s going to happen on that day. In fact, since the terrorists’ main tactic seems to be to strike without warning, this September 11 will most likely be the safest day of the year. I don’t expect an attack when everyone in America is watching the sky.

Also, I’m not dreading expressions of genuine grief, remorse, or loss. There have been many such expressions, and I respect and honor them. I even share in them, as a few months after the attack I posted my own small tribute to the heroes of the day, in Flash form. It was intended as a way to express my own feelings about 9/11, to honor those men and women who gave so much more than most of us will ever have to. I had no agenda or purpose other than that, and I recognize that many others have done the same, and will do the same this year. That’s fine. I respect that, and I support it.

No, what I’m dreading is those who would use the tragedy for their own purposes. The public relations campaigns disguised as tributes, the political agendas being met through the tragedy, the commercial goals being reached.

It’s the “Special Edition” magazines that have begun to overflow the racks of grocery stores, spam e-mails that have already begun circulating, chest-thumping politicians who talk a good talk but don’t walk the walk, television networks who make a big deal out of their hours-long commercial-free tribute specials… all vying for our attention and using a tragic event to get it. It’s the endless repetition of images we’ve seen a thousand times: burning buildings and a smoke-engulfed city, planes smashing and smashing and smashing into the towers. Destruction, death, and despair, all played over and over for us as if we haven’t seen it already.

It’s the pandering, the proselytizing, the presumption. It’s PR gone horribly, horribly wrong. It’s publishers and advertisers who make a buck off of other peoples’ misery. It’s politicians who don’t want to honor the dead or the brave so much as they want to further their own agenda and make themselves look good in the eyes of the public. It’s the rampant commercialism of tragedy and self-interest that I object so strongly to. It all disgusts me, and I’m already seeing evidence of it all around me.

I think, on September 11, I’ll be turning off the TV, logging off the Internet, and avoiding anything that looks like newsprint. I think I’ll enjoy the day… spend time with my kids… fly a kite… play with our dog. I think I’ll do my best to enjoy the freedom that this country represents, while turning away from the greed and the selfishness that it sometimes engenders. I will surely think of those that were lost, and those that endured, and what it means to me. Surely, I will do that much. But I will do it in my own way, and I will do it without subjecting myself to the worst of the abuses of a tragic event. I will do it in the way that I think best respects the day, the event, and the tragedy.

I hate (yes, hate) the people who attacked America almost a year ago. However, almost as much, I hate those who would use that tragedy for their own selfish ends. Their disrespect and abuse of tragedy is a crime in itself.

These things would not exist if they did not have an audience or consumer.

Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.

True enough… that’s part of what disgusts me about it. Certainly doesn’t make me any happier that some people enjoy being pandered to. :confused:

Yup. Same can be said about an awful lot of horrible, disgusting things. Heroin, Allen Iverson, circus peanuts . . .

Doesn’t make it right, or any less depressing.

I am going to spend 9/11 in bed watching Cartoon Network, drinking Coke and having my mom fix me snacks. I will get up only to go to the bathroom. If something comes on Cartoon Network that I don’t like, I will flick channels. If I reach 15, which is CNN, I will hit “1-6” instead of flicking past it. If I find nothing good on, I will read more of start reading Return of the King, regardless of if have completed The Two Towers. I did this on the Columbine anniversery, and I am going to do it again on 9/11.

And no, I don’t care if this means the terrorists will have won. I don’t see what they get from me going to school anyway.

You know, you COULD spend the day getting a life. Just a suggestion. Does the big “L” on your forehead bother you?

Wow - where did that come from?

You know, you COULD yank that gargantuan redwood tree from it’s entrenched spot in your butthole and not call people losers because they feel like lazing around instead of going out and saving humanity from terrorism, cancer, killer bees, and cancer-riddled bee terrorists.

“You know, you COULD spend the day getting a life. Just a suggestion. Does the big “L” on your forehead bother you?”
-wattajackass aka stockton
Did it occur to you that if went out and “got a life” on that day he would have to deal with all the shit the OP is complaining of?

I will be away at an isolated retreat for the nine days leading up to and two days past the anniversary and I’m mighty glad it worked out that way. I’m in Canada and they are still gearing up in the papers for flashy yet oh so solemn anniversary issues. blecch.

Well, then you won’t want to talk to me. This will be the day I harbor for the rest of my life as the day terrorists tried to kill my mother. It’s the day I realized the choices I made. It’ll be a day I use to guide and motivate me through the rest of my career and life. Call it ‘my writing on the wall’.

And that’s why I go to work every day.

Every fuckin’ day.

I’m rather baffled by the OP. Is s/he concerned that commercial advertisers are going to be making money off of the televised tribute specials and whatnot? Then you might like to know that the major networks are finding it VERY difficult to attract advertisers for 9/11/02, despite the show’s content. Nextel has already backed out of sponsoring the repeat of “9/11”, the documentary, and as far as I know, no advertiser has taken its place.

Hence, a lot of the major networks are planning to go the entire day commercial-free. And many cable networks are planning to suspend their normal schedule and instead run a scrolling list of the names of the 2,900-odd victims, which will take approximately two hours.

Believe it or not, some people do find the memorial specials, et al to be a cathartic experience, to come to terms with what happened and what we can do about it. You may prefer to be in denial about the whole thing, but that won’t make the pain go away any sooner. Still, it’s your life and your choice. Just don’t go all bitchy and claim that it’s all about money and promoting whatever mysterious agenda the media has, because it ain’t like that, really.

P.S. I’m assuming the “L” in that troll’s post stands for “Liberal”?

So I gather from this thread that no one is going to work or school this 9-11. I’m just curious, will it be a national holiday? And is it just for this year or will it be annual?

No, I’m going to work. Proudly.

Just to piss off bin Laden and his jackass cronies.

20 hijackers with 4 airliners will not topple a government, nor a strong nation.

United we stand.

Just so you know, DarkPrince, you’re 100% responsible for the big glob of nasally-ejected applesauce now residing on my computer monitor.

As will my husband, Bluesman. And thousands of other men and women in uniform, in the US and overseas, who will do their level best to protect you and yours from another attack, perhaps sacrificing their own lives for it.

So hide from the reminders if you choose. Convince yourself you are being independent and superior. But know there are people out there who are facing what happened and will happen, not with tears and hand-wringing, but with courage and fierce determination. We are going to WIN.

Well, I was going to respond to this, but everyone else has done a good job of putting you in your place.

Tripler, I believe, and the OP can correct me, that what we’re referring to are things like the Mancow show here in Chicago who is going to be flying people around the country during the show and calling in to show how safe it is, and they’re already hyping up that they’re going to do that.

Every radio station in Chicago is making BIG EXCITING PLANS for how they’ll OUT MEMORIALIZE the other stations. It’s a battle for who can be the most patriotic, the most solemn, the most…whatever.

That is what’s going to be sickening, not the memorial of the day itself.

I’ll be going to work in the afternoon. I’ll be having laser hair removal in the morning so at the moment of the anniversary will be getting zapped with painful rays. I don’t intend to make any special observance of the day.

I gotta go along with the OP and the various others who won’t be watching 9/11-related programming. Yes, I realize that it was The Day That Changed America and all that–and no disrespect intended to anyone regardless of their relationship to the acts of the day–but enough of the exploitation, even in the name of “news.” Is there anyone in the United States over the age of three who isn’t aware of what happened last year? Does every event really need to be identified as “the first ____ since the terrorist attacks”?

IMHO the only class way to handle the anniversary is to cover the memorial services at the WTC site and Pentagon (and in PA if there’s one at the site of the crash there) and then spend the rest of the broadcast focusing on what’s changed over the last year. Endless repetition of plane crash footage and collapsing towers and people running screaming from dust clouds is nothing but grotesquerie masquerading as “news.”

Lucretia, KGS, and Tripler… please re-read the OP, particularly the second paragraph. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Flash presentation I linked to, the one I made. I hope you’ll see that you’re missing the point completely, and that you have misjudged me badly. Whoosh, as I believe the saying goes.

I am not in denial, nor do I dishonor or disdain those who express genuine feelings. I do not consider myself “independent and superior.” (Far from it, actually.) I already knew that the networks are most likely going to be commercial-free that day, and even said as much in my fourth paragraph.

Perhaps the fault is mine, for not being clear enough. I’ll try to be more clear. I do not have any problem whatsoever with individuals expressing grief or honoring courage. My ire is directed against those who use the 9/11 tragedy for capital gains, unrelated political agendas, or public relations campaigns.

In short, I am loathing the efforts of the greedy, the power-hungry, and the opportunistic in using the anniversary of 9/11 not as catharsis or remembrance, but for their own more selfish goals. There are many examples of such, I saw them on television last night and in the grocery store where I bought a few things. I see them in my e-mail box. I see them on their political stumps. To me, they are simply being dishonest, pretending to care about remembrance when they really only care about what’s in it for them.

Catharsis and remembrance is fine with me, and more than that, I share in it… abuse and disrespect of tragedy is not. I feel that on 9/11 we’ll be seeing more of the latter than the former from most media sources, and so I choose to avoid mass media on that day, because I’m fairly sure it will only serve to annoy or anger me at those who care more for themselves than for others.

And for what it’s worth, I plan to work this 9/11 as well, though perhaps leaving early and coming home to my family to spend time with them. I do happen to think, though, that Osama, if he actually cares at all, would be just as torqued at people taking the day off and enjoying themselves. Just another expression of American freedoms, no better or worse than going to work. And wasn’t a large part of what was at risk on 9/11 (and every day) our families and loved ones? For me, that takes priority over my job and career, and that’s also part of what I was trying to express. I work to survive, but my family is where I live.

Anyway… I’m getting off-topic. I’m not sure why some people chose to be offended at what I said, but I believe what they took offense to was not at all in what I said. I hope I’ve clarified it sufficiently.

And thanks, to everyone, for a vibrant place in which to express this. I’ve been feeling it build up for weeks now, and it had to spill over somewhere. :slight_smile:

And I’d just like to add that Otto and jarbabyj expressed the same idea I was trying to get across very well, in more defined terms. Thanks.