I'm fine, but my car is not fine

I got rear-ended on my way home from work this evening. The air bag didn’t go off, and I didn’t even feel the seat belt tighten on me, but I went to the hospital afterward to make sure the baby is OK. They kept me there until 4 hours after the accident with a fetal monitor on me. It looks like I am fine, and the baby is fine.

My car, on the other hand, is drivable, but the rear passenger side corner is pretty smashed up. I’ll find out tomorrow how much damage was done.

Oh, jeez! Better the car get hurt than you and babe-to-be. Take care of yourself–the shock of it might sneak up on you in a few days, eh?

Yikes! Glad you’re both alright.

Scary! Glad you’re both okay.

Yow, that sucks! I’m glad that you and the littlest Neville are OK.
Did you get the other driver’s info?

Yes, I did.

So very very grateful that you and the baby are fine. I hope you’re able to rest and treat yourself gently for the next few days.

This is my car yesterday morning. It’s fine now.

My SO says I need to get a priest or something to bless my vehicles. People – and now animals – like to hit them. Even when I’m not there. A couple of years ago I was rear-ended twice in one week (three or four days) as I sat stopped in traffic. A year after I bought my Jeep, I was rear-ended as I sat stopped in traffic. (To this day, I still eye Grand Ams with suspicion.) A couple of years ago someone crashed into my Jeep as it sat parked outside of the house, and pushed it far enough to knock down part of the fence. Three years or so ago someone trashed my motorcycle while I was gone. And then yesterday that hawk had to commit suicide on my windshield. I think the SO might be right. I need to have my vehicles blessed.

I’m glad you’re OK. And believe me: I feel your pain at the damaged vehicle!

The damage to my car came out to around $2800. The other guy’s insurance company called me, and they have admitted that he was at fault. They sent me a check to cover my deductible.

I’m still feeling fine (well, other than pregnancy symptoms), so I don’t think I’m going to get whiplash. The baby is still moving, and she looked fine on the ultrasound I had on Friday (this was a previously scheduled ultrasound; it had nothing to do with the accident). The body shop said they would start work on my car this past Monday, and that it would take about 10 days. I’m not sure if that’s business days or days-days, though. I’ve got a rental car now.

I’m relieved that this wasn’t the other way around. I’m also shocked that the other guy’s insurance company admitted that he was at fault.

Very glad to hear there is a decent outcome to this and hope there are no lasting effects.

The insurance company is probably thrilled to just be paying for a car, and not an injured mother and baby.

I was recently t-boned by an at fault driver. I’m not hurt either, and I’m glad you aren’t. You had loads more to worry about than me too, being sure the baby to be was fine. I’m so glad to hear that.

Anne, I’m glad you are safe.

How scary! Glad you and the baby are ok.

Why? Absent an unbiased witness saying the front car was up to shenanigans a rear-end collision is one of the easiest liability calls to make. Denying those is right up there with pimp slapping a polar bear of messing with a honey badger.

Glad no Nevilles were harmed in the conception of this thread. Whiplash is the sux.

Since the car was rear-ended it’s pretty much a lead-pipe lock that the other person was at fault, unless he had the gall to claim that she was backing up in traffic.

If it’s at the City Collision place on Liberty ave, be sure to call every 2-3 days to “check” on the progress. My fiance’s car was in there two years ago and it took 14 days; he called on day 9 and day 11 and both times got “oh yeah…forgot about that one, yeah we’ll get it done today”. It was sitting there just waiting to be worked on :smack:. So be sure to be the “squeaky wheel”. Insurance companies tend to get testy/try and make you pay extra if you use the rental car beyond the first time period the body shop suggests.

Glad you two are okay.

ETA: I should add that (once we got the car back) City Collision did do great work; we were very pleased.

He could also have claimed that she was changing lanes and cut it too short while getting in front of him, making it literally impossible for him to avoid the accident. Most people don’t lie, fortunately, but it happens.

No reason to be shocked that an insurance company accepted liability, although the speed at which they accepted it is surprising to me. The insurance company I work at doesn’t move nearly that quickly.

Glad you and Baby Neville are OK. :slight_smile:

They could have ended up paying for an injured mother and a baby born at 30 weeks. I don’t know what medical care for that would cost, but I’m betting it’s a lot. I’ve heard that most preemies don’t go home until around their due date, which would mean they’d be paying for 10 weeks in the hospital, with part of that time in the NICU.

It’s not, actually. My insurance company sent me to a body shop down in Homestead.

They have been working very fast. I’m impressed. The other guy’s insurance company is Progressive. State Farm (my insurance company) has also been doing well so far in their dealings with me.