I'm getting better: It only took me 15 minutes to open 6 DVD's!

Why, oh why, must they make them so difficult to open? I do understand that they don’t want people to open them in the store and steal the disc inside. I do. But jeez-o-peet, should it take me 15 minutes to peel 6 DVD’s?

I ask you, is that fair?

Spend a buck and you’ll have those six DVD’s opened in about a minute and a half.

Well, whaddaya know? Thanks, Hal! (Maybe I can find one at Best Buy, .99 cents is a great deal, but $6.73 for shipping seems a bit much.)

Just take a knife and slide the blade between the opening on the three sides where the two sides of the case meet, easy as pie.

6 DVDs in 15 minutes…that’s about two and half minutes per… Yeah, you’re quicker than me. I hate the dang things.

I <3 my pocketknife for this very reason.

Another fine packaging effort from Bastards Incorporated.

Some clerk used one of those on some CDs we bought once. Scored the hell out of the jewel case. I’ll never buy one.

I just run my fingernail along the front “hinge” until the plastic opens up. Easy peasy.

Knifes are fine tools.

Hijack for Hal.
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I was using a letter opener. It’s just that there’s the plastic outer wrapper, and three sides of that sticky ass stuff to seal the edges. It takes forever.

I found a thing in an old toolbox that works like a charm. It looks a bit like that hook that your dentist uses to scrape your teeth, but the “hook” part is much smaller.

My technique is basically: insert hook under a corner of the plastic wrap and drag across. That’ll tear it off, or at least create a large enough opening to tear it off manually. For the stickers, slip the hook under the edge at the seam where the two edges of the clamshell case meet, since there’s a tiny space there. Drag or pry with the hook. Sticker comes off easily.

Then, on to the inside. I hate those plastic security tag things they put inside. So, I stick the hook in one side, slide the tool almost to the opposite end, and pry upward with the blunt shaft. Peels the whole thing off effortlessly. And presto! One unwrapped and de-tagged DVD in 20-30 seconds.