I'm getting cable, I'm getting cable

To most people this would not be a BFD. But it is to me. I’ve lived without cable for a year (since my marriage broke up) because I had to see if I could afford. Well, I CAN afford it (while my ex is $40K in debt on his credit cards), so I ordered it and it’s being installed Monday. Free installation. Not only cable, DIGITAL cable (whatever that is). The only bummer is that the franchise doesn’t offer Food TV. I’m sensing the purchase of a 27" tv in the near future.

cable! lucky duck. i only get 5 stations. i want cable. i don’t have a worthy tv.

Game. Show. Network.

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Ah the sweet sweet alphabet of cable. TVLand, MSNBC, ESPN, VH1, FX, MTV, TBS, TNT, AMC, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, HBO, CMT, GAC, BET, USA and TNN.


So many letters, so little time.
Its all groin grabbingly good


Cable is great, but try living w/o internet access for a month and a half. I almost died. Seriously.

I thought you were talking about cable internet. I was originally happy for you. My condolence are appropriate now.