I'm getting lightheaded just listening to Alanis

Annoying coworker has Alanis Morrisette cd.

I can’t take it. Does she have an actual pulmonary problem? If not, why does she gasp like that between words? If it’s an affectation, why hasn’t someone told her to cut it the hell out by now?

breathes into paper bag

So are you listening to the original Jagged Little Pill or the brand-new acoustic rerecording of Jagged Little Pill?

I had the misfortune of seeing her perform onstage (she was closing for Liz Phair), and the breathing didn’t distract me. It was those damn gang signals she was flashing when she sang, kind of a cross between sign language and air guitar fingering.

A friend gave me Jagged Little Pill Acoustic. It’s quite the sad affair. It’s a ho-hum effort that almost seems like she’s fulfilling some contractual obligation of her contract and ensuring that what were once good songs are now tainted with the powdery breastmilk that’s spilled over all of these tracks.

Isn’t it ironic?

Well… no, not really. :smiley:

It’s the original, and I swear, I was almost hyperventilating as a result of sympathy gasps.

Seriously, does she think that’s really cool or something? If I hear her wheezing her way through “One Hand in My Pocket” one more time I might suffer an injury.

Don’t even get me started on the little mini-yodel she seems to add to every word. Og, her voice is like … strike that, her voice is WORSE than fingernails on chalkboards.

I just wanna see her naked.

Ha! Coworker was at it again.

Boss came from office. Said something about it being cat sex set to music and told her to turn it off.

Yeah, that solves the short-term problem, but now what are you going to complain about.
And does your cow-orker know how old that disc is?

Man, do I love that album. Is the acoustic version really that bad?

I guess you didn’t read the warning label on the side of the album.

A funny thing (to me, anyway):

In one of her videos she played four different characters all riding in a big old car together, and she acted completely spastic for a couple of them. I mean, like a Jr. High student imitating a retarded person having a fit. It was embarassing to watch. Immediately afterwards a rumor started that she had epilepsy or some kind of neurological disorder. Heh.

It’s the whole concept I find offensive. Instead of releasing new material, she’s rerecording her third album, one she released ten years ago. Besides, I’ve never been that big a fan of hers anyway.