I'm getting tired of Oscar nominated movies disappointing

I tried watching American Hustle last night and found it thoroughly boring. This despite really loving the Director’s other films, The Fighter and Three Kings.

I also loathed Gravity and found it tedious.

From last year, I found Lincoln to be ridiculous and heavy handed in a still boring way.

Speaking of American Hustle, Christian Bale’s weight changes can not be healthy!

You can’t expect to like every movie just because it’s nominated for an award. They expanded the Oscar pool to 10 movies a couple of years ago (they nominated 9 this past year), but even when it was just 5 a year, you won’t like every one. But anyway I also thought American Hustle was a big nothing and didn’t deserve the attention it got. I expected to like it and I was surprised how empty the movie was.

My first real taste of this came in the '90s when Titanic won the Academy Award for best picture. In fairness I never actually watched that movie (and never intend to) but it just never seemed interesting to me. I DID, however, watch Gladiator and I thought it was absolutely horrible. A “porn movie for violence” is how I remember describing it to a friend of mine (my wife - who studied Classics in college and who was a HUGE fan of Russell Crowe’s - insisted we go see it. Partway through the movie [which I was sleeping through. Somehow] she said we could leave). Since then I don’t put a WHOLE lot of stock in which movies are Oscar-nominated (or sometimes even Oscar winners) but if reviews are good I’ll go watch them. In late 2012 my wife and I, on consecutive weekends, went and saw (although I forget the exact order in which we saw them): Argo, Flight, Skyfall, and Lincoln. Now we wanna go see 12 Years a Slave and (not American Hustle, but) Dallas Buyers Club.

Taste is subjective, and if your taste in films doesn’t tend to line up with those of the MPAA, that’s fine. Go see movies you like.

On the other hand I loved American Hustle - it was one of my two favorite films from last year, along with Blue Jasmine. I was underwhelmed by 12 Years a Slave and disappointed it won BP. But that’s not the first time I’ve disagreed with the Academy - in fact I disagree with their winner most years! But I can usually acknowledge that the list of nominees they come up with usually includes mostly films I will like. (I liked Dallas Buyers Club but mainly because the main actors were so good. Gravity was just okay but was a brilliant technical achievement - not unlike Avatar).

I’m on board with the Gladiator hate, though.

Oh yeah, I too have long thought that only movies I like should be nominated for Academy Awards, and my opinions trump anyone else’s, sorry. I’d appreciate them asking my opinion and taking my tastes into account over and above the 6000 AMPAS members, who are, let’s be honest, a pretty clueless bunch. What do THEY know about movies? Sheesh.

This year was a disappointing pool of movies.

Of course, I thought Riddick was the best movie of the year.

Certainly the best script, if not the best movie. David Twohy could have won on Oscar for that script.

Nitpick: not MPAA – they assign the movie ratings. The AMPAS awards the Oscars.

To get back on point, sometimes I agree with their decision, sometimes not. As with any critic groups. I would say I strongly agree about a quarter of the time, disagree about a third of the time, and feel meh the rest.

:smack: That was a stupid mistake. Thank you. My mind went “Motion Picture Academy something… MPA… oh yeah MPAA.”

Most years, I’m content with all but 1 or maybe two of the BP nominees. This year I would have replaced Wolf of Wall Street with Blue Jasmine, but overall I think they make pretty good choices. I think if they left it up to me a lot more people would be scratching their heads.

This has always been the case. For every High Noon, there was a Greatest Show on Earth. Most of Hollywood’s output is dreck from which nuggets of gold can occasionally be extracted. This year was no different.

In fact, 2013 was a terrible year for films. I was surprised that they could find enough “good” ones to nominate.

I think it used to be even worse. It seems there was a time when the nominations were dominated by “serious message” movies with a lot of crying scenes, even if they were completely unpleasant and unwatchable (something like Places in the Heart is a prime example)

When I saw the thread title I wondered if it was going to involve American Hustle. I saw it recently and found it surprisingly bad— and I like all of the actors involved, and have enjoyed Russell’s past films. This one just seemed like a real dud, and a baffling nomination for Best Picture.

It lacked something, for sure. It was like eating a wonderful meal without taste buds.

It really boggled my mind that it was nominated.

Wow. I loved American Hustle, thought it was a ton of fun. Really well acted, written and directed. It didn’t have any deep meaning or anything, but I thought it was an enjoyable ride.

Hey, Equipoise, I e-mailed the 6000 AMPAS members to let them know that you stood valiantly in their defense on the internet. They say you have their undying gratitude, they know they’d never go unscathed from such vicious attacks on the internet if it were not for your valiant advocacy. They’d all like to buy you ice cream, paint your toenails, and do your hair.

I will never get over the horror I felt after watching Up In The Air.

I agree OP

I wish I could find the thread started by this dude who had gone to one move in the last 20 years and didn’t like most films even though he hadn’t watched many. He had these bizarre summaries of films that he apparently had gathered by reading movie reviews. One I remember in particular was Back to Future in which in the first 15 minutes he was driven into a white-hot rage.

Not that this has anything to do with the OP. Just something I thought about recently.

Well, right there you’re showing your hand a bit. Calling *Gravity *tedious is sort of like calling Kubrick’s *2001 *tedious (which a lot of people do!) IOW you’re kinda missing the point, those films are serious dramas, set pieces, practically plays, just set in space. They’re not your typical science fiction movie. If you go into them expecting something like Star Wars or Star Trek don’t fault the film for not being what it was never intended to be…

Some people simply don’t like movies that don’t have a lot of action. Car chases, shootings, etc. Nothing wrong them though. Just different kicks.

That was the same poster that thinks restaurants put dish soap in his spaghetti. Dougie Monty or something.

Umm… or it was just painfully tedious.