I'm giddy after I eat

I know that blood sugar goes up after a meal, but this is ridiculous. I get absolutely euphoric after dinner. I will laugh at anything, sometimes until tears roll down my face.

What gives? Does anyone else have this amazing mood swing? Is my brain just hugely sensitive to blood sugar?

There is a pretty big drop in blood sugar right before the upswing… this is due to digestion requiring energy. Theorieticly this should make you tired, and well if you are anything like me I get stupid and silly when I’m tired. Your swing in blood sugar leves could be somewhat sever and cause this gittyness… of course it could be a psychological response… or you may just be wierd…

Welcome to Getting Older … when all you need to do is eat dinner to get a buzz …

Do you eat a lot of pasta, bread, things with a lot of carbs in them? They tend to affect blood sugar more severely. I love pasta but simply cannot eat it for lunch, as I am barely functional afterwards. I get sleepy and lightheaded. I must move to a country that allows a siesta in the middle of the day :slight_smile:

If the giddiness concerns you, by all means mention it to your doctor.

I get the giggles after eating a large meal, and I have ever since I can remember. My friends can verify this. If I skip breakfast and have a big lunch? Wowee… I’m useless. Absolutely anything will send me into paroxysms of laughter. It can be dangerous 'cos managers can sometimes think I went to lunch and got drunk. And they think only managers should be allowed to do that.