I'm GLAD I can't play 'Sympathy For The Devil Remix' CD on MMJB-It Sucks Anyway

No, it’s a legal CD and yeah I only bought it cuz it was an impulse buy @ the Towr Record counter on sale for $3.99.

Oddly enough, MMJB reads it as a Data CD - hence I can’t play it or rip it on my PC. OK fair enough, it works on my other equipment (Car / Home stereo).

No, it’s not my favorite Stones song - not even close. But I assumed from the back cover w/people like Fatboy Slim, Full Phatt and the Neptunes doing the remixes it would at least be listenable. WRONG! It blows, big time…I think I coulda done a better job with the amateur tools at my disposal.

Speaking of disposal - I’m gonna go see if I can squeeze this waste of plastic and aluminum down the kitchen sink drain and chop it up in the Insinkerator.

Serves you right. The authoritative “Sympathy for the Devil” remix CD is by Laibach, and resembles more a sub-textual deconstruction than a simplistic rearrangement of the sounds. In fact, the same goes for all of Laibach’s music. :wink:

All remixes suck–especially dance remixes.

suck… suck… suck… suck(remix), suck(remix), suck(remix), suck(remix), suck(remix)dan-dan-dan, suck(remix)dan-dan-dance, suck(remix)dan-dan-dan, suck(remix)dan-dan-dance… es-es-pecially-ecially-ly, es-es-pecially-ecially-ly… suck… suck… suck…
Mix by DJ Eonwe

Thank you (I think)!

No! You shouldn’t do that!

What a great link!

As for the OP, very few remixes are even worth $3.99 in my opinion.

I didn’t think much of the Fatboy Slim one (sounded like he built himself a Fatboy-Slim-Remix-By-Numbers kit and phoned it in). The Full Phatt one was ok, but nothing special.

I liked the Neptunes one, though. It seems like they can’t do anything wrong. The changes were pretty subtle for a remix - they chopped up the beat a bit, added that sitar, but now the songs taken on this cool Neptunes-y R&B vibe. Less rock and more rhythmic.

Still, I thought the Neptunes could have done better. It’s a good remix, but I was expecting to be stunned by the Neptunes, and they didn’t come through.

If I’d done it, I would have messed with the song a lot more than any of them. They all stuck too close to the original.