I'm going back home!!!

16 months ago my husband, daughter and I had to leave the UK to move to Sweden due to his work…I hated having to leave my home and my dearest family and friends :frowning: I suffered hugely from missing my mum, 17 yr old sister, Grandad and Uncle. I’m a recovering alcoholic and was 2 years sober when we moved to Sweden but after 5 months living here I relapsed. Thankfully it was a one off 10 hour binge that I didn’t carry on.

I have never been happy here, have made no real friends and to be totally honest it’s been a pretty shitty 16 months. Well I can celebrate tonight (with a diet coke minus the vodka of course!) as my hubby has landed a job 20 miles away from my home town of Kent in the UK, to say I am happy wouldn’t even come close :):):):):slight_smile:

I’m going home!!!

Yay! Welcome home.

Thank you, Thank you Encinitas :slight_smile: I’m online now looking for houses to rent in the area where we are moving to.

This is so unexpected, husband was turned down for the job 4 weeks ago and I was so upset but today they offered him the position :smiley: Hey if he’s their 2nd choice I can live with that if it means getting back home.

Congratulations, Lotus! I’ve been 2nd choice for a couple of jobs, and they both turned out to be fun and interesting jobs. Let’s hope that your husband’s new job turns out that way, too!

And congratulations on bouncing back from the one relapse. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to quit something like alcoholism, relapse, and start all over again. You inspire me.

Many many thanks to you Ralf :slight_smile: Husband is overjoyed at getting the job (doesn’t care a jot he was their no.2 choice!). We were thinking he was going to be unemployed come next month and that was a scary thought indeed.

The relapse, even though it was only one big binge, hit me hard and sent me reeling. My Swedish is limited and going to an AA meeting wouldn’t have been an option, so I’ve been totally reliant on online support since last May.

AA has some points that I disagree with (but that’s a whole other thread and tbh I’m not into bashing AA as they helped me get sober when all else had failed) and to with with other addicts who I can sit down and talk to in real life is so so exciting!! :smiley: I cannot wait to do my “1st” meeting again, I’ll be able to celebrate 1 year again on October 26th :).

Thank you again Ralf