I'm going camping! Share your cool gear, tips, etc...

Pullin, that is an excellent wash bucket idea. Thanks!

As is your headlight idea. We’re adopting that one! I saw some little hat brim l.e.d. lights in the store recently and I’m going to pick up a few.

Your welcome (and thanks to you).

Have fun !!! I’m heading off to Algonquin Park for a five day canoe trip in a couple of weeks. If I get brave I’ll upload my trip on youtube.

BEAR! spray

Clear bags / bags you can see through.

Just carry toilet paper with you daily in your coat/pocket/whatever so you don’t have to dig it out.

Give thought to something to sit on / chair / foam for nights.

I always bring heavy duty aluminum foil with me when I camp. Meal pockets are a light, convenient way to cook meals on the trail or when pans are not available. Just cut a square of aluminum foil, place fish, veggies, and a shake of seasoning onto one end, then fold over the foil until you have a sealed bag. Place it near hot coals and let the heat of the fire steam the meat and veggies.

I also bring a few starter logs for building fires, especially when it’s wet out.

A flint, with the blade/striker contained and some cotton balls rubbed with a little Vaseline in a ziplock.

You can start a fire with this, even if you fall in a lake. Keep in in a pocket on you.

Yep. Always always always in your pockets have :

  1. signaling (little LED light, whistle, mirror
  2. Fire
  3. Knife
  4. some sort of emergency blanket.

You don;t need a fishing kit or any of those other gimmicks. Signaling, fire (which aslo works for signaling, a knife, a little shelter.

Here are a few good minikits:




Sleeping bag- the big question: is there any chance of rain? Ifso, you want either synthetic or a water proof coating or bivy.

Big Agnes makes some great ones for the dudettes, what’s nice is that the pad is part of the combo.

try eBay for used packs, bags, etc.

Also get some little packs of those wet wipes you can also wipe your ass with.

One must have for the 1st aid kit is Quikclot.

yeah dude. It’s wicked simple. I’ve made several of these. I don’t even bother with fiberglass and use hardware cloth for the pot stand. My pot is just a Foster’s can that I opened with a can opener instead of popping the top.