I'm going insane, please identify the movie

At least i’m pretty sure it’s a quote from a movie.

I picture Will Smith saying this in my head, but it’s not definite

It’s green, man, it’s green. (with stress on each “green”)

I have nothing else to go on so I know this is a longshot, but it’s driving me crazy. Feel free to roll your eyes and move along.

Just a guess (and definitely not Will Smith), but how about Slater from Dazed and Confused, talking about the dollar bill:

Slater: Didja ever look at a dollar bill, man? There’s some spooky shit goin’ on there. And it’s green too.

Again, not Will Smith, but that line appears in “The Fifth Element”.
Said by Chris Tucker, among others.

Wasn’t there a similar scene in Half Baked too?

Yes, played by Jon Stewart before you knew who he was.

Scotty had a joke in an original Star Trek episode about being unable to identify a beverage he was serving an alien in an attempt to get him drunk. Scotty was finally reduced to saying, “It’s… green.” Data had a similar gag in one of the ST:TNG movies.

My thoughts exactly.

Mr Ruby Rod!!

I love that character.

I thought he was incredibly obnoxious.
But I have to admit, it would not have been nearly as good a movie without him.

Hey purple cow!
Are any of these ringing any bells?

All I can picture is Nigel Tufnel in This Is Spinal Tap explaining to the director that his bright green skeleton t-shirt is an “exact replica of my innards.”

When it’s mentioned that, of course, it wouldn’t actually be green, Nigel says, “It is green!”

I don’t remember if he says it twice, however.