I'm going to a movie matinee on Saturday, what should I see?

There ain’t a damn movie out that I know of that sounds good. However, I really don’t know what’s out. What’s out right now that I should see this Saturday? Any thing interesting opening Friday?

I don’t know if I have a preferred genre, so don’t ask, please. Horror movies are out because the person I’m going with doesn’t like them.

Only mainstream theatres are available, so no art house stuff, please. Well, you can give 'em, I just won’t be able to see 'em.

Thanks for your help!

Rural Michigan? You should give your zip code when you ask such questions, so we can look up on IMDB and see what is playing in your area.

A Mighty Wind is opening in Chicago, but probably not where you are.

Bulletproof Monk is opening here too, but I have to see some reviews. I like Chow Yun Fat, but he can be in some pretty bad movies.

Bend It Like Beckham is going wider, maybe it’ll be playing in your area.

Is The Pianist playing near you? Is The Good Thief? Have you seen Chicago?

Phone Booth is decent, but is worth more for seeing a movie star in the making (Colin Farrell) than anything else.

Also opening here, and I have no idea what they’re like:

Malibu’s Most Wanted (one IMDB review says it’s funny, but it was probably written by a publicist)

Holes (the previews look horrifically, barf-worthily horrible, but I take it it’s from a beloved book. Hmmm)

Chasing Papi (I’ll have to see some reviews)

Raising Victor Vargas (arthouse, so it probably won’t be where you are, but it’s a very good film. I saw it in a sneak the other day)

I’d have lots of suggestions if you were in Chicago. Movies like Frida, The Quiet American, Irreversible, City of God, Laurel Canyon, The Hours, Spirited Away, Better Luck Tomorrow, Nowhere In Africa, Assassination Tango, The Pianist, The Two Towers, Ghosts of the Abyss, About Schmidt, and Bowling For Columbine are still playing in theaters. Not much help, huh?

Who’s this person you’re going with that doesn’t like horror films? SO? Parent? Child? Because, what you might go see with your long-term SO may be different than what you’d see with someone on the 3rd date, which would probably be different from what you’d see with your 83 year old mother, which is different from what you’d take your 6 year old kid to.
Personally, I’d see something fairly light, just mindless (or at least not too intelectual) entertainment. Possibly Bulletproof Monk (which I hear isn’t all that good, but proabably pretty entertaining. Damn reviewers never give it straight) or A Mighty Wind (which looks funny, and it’s from the same folks as Best in Show, which I thought was hillarious). Malibu’s Most Wanted looks like absolute shit, so please, do me a favor and miss that one. Equipoise had a pretty good list, so I’ll shut up now.

I’ll be in the 49684 area (or 49696 depending on where the dividing line is).

IMDB: Everything showing looks like something that needs to be missed. Hmm. She, my sister, just emailed and said she heard that The Core was supposed to be good.

What’s Holes about?

The Core wasn’t bad. If you could suspend everything that you learned about science from say the 8th grade on, you might enjoy it. It had some funny lines, and pretty colors. That’s about all that can reccomend it. I just saw BulletProof Monk last night, and it was about the same. Enjoyable, in a campy kind of way. Some funny lines, so so fight scenes. A good popcorn muncher. Good luck.

Anger Management

Very funny movie.

LPTR:The Two Towers is (or was last week) still playing at the discount theatre in LaCrosse, WI.


I was reluctant about it, but I’ve actually heard some very good things about Night of 1,000 Corpses. I believe there was a thread on here about it, but I’m lazier than a sloth on vicodin, so I will provide no link to the aforementioned thread.

It’s probably too late, because I kept forgetting to check back. Based on what’s showing at the two theaters in the 49684 area, here’s what I think are MUST-SEEs:

12 Monkeys 11:00pm show (cool!!!)
The Pianist
Chicago (fluffy, sure, but it’s a lot of fun)

Phone Booth is decent.

The Core was dumber than a box of rocks, but I saw it because Aaron Eckhart is in it and I could watch him reading a subway map. I paid matinee too.

After that it gets into Maybe Someday/Only in Desperation/Never In A Million Years territory.

I swear, I’m never leaving Chicago, unless it’s for an even BIGGER city with even MORE movie theaters. <Shudder> Nothing personal. Someone has to live in the sticks so that I don’t have to, after all. :smiley:
Night of 1,000 Corpses is rated 12% on the Tomatometer. And it’s a horror movie. js_africanus specifically said no horror movies.

Yep, too late. We went and saw “Holes” and I must say that it was really good. My mom had the latest issue of People laying around and the review said that it was like Shreck in that adults will enjoy it, too. I haven’t cried since I broke my femur in 3rd grade, and that’s including breaking my collar bone in 6th and walking it off with no difficulty, and I still got a little misty at one point. I was really suprised how much I enjoyed that flick. I saw it with my sister and she said the same thing: that she was suprised at how good it was and she really enjoyed it. I didn’t read the book, so caveat emptor.