I'm going to a nighttime showing of RCPH what do I do what do I do?

I’ve never been a HUGE fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I like it well enough. I’ve never experienced it like this though - only saw it at home. Now there is a live troupe performing it on Halloween Night. So it’s my first time ever a)seeing it live and b)seeing it in a group!

What should I plan? What should I wear? Any advice? Suggestions to have a good time? Will we feel left out because we’re not super duper huge fans? Help!


I was thinking Royal Canadian…something…something.

This is a pretty good explanation of what to expect. Feel free to wear whatever you’d like. A lot of people will be dressed up, but also a lot of people will be wearing their normal clothes. There are guides online on what to yell and when, but it’s pretty easy to pick up from the crowd what to yell. You can check on the website of the theater you are going to and see if they say anything about props to bring or not bring, but it’s fine to come empty handed. There will probably be a lot of people who aren’t super duper fans, so you’ll have fun and won’t feel left out as long as you don’t mind the people yelling and running around and everything.

Hope you have fun!

Boys…it’s explained in the OP! I just couldn’t fit all that.

Thanks for the link, Sam Lowry! That is perfect. Maybe I can at least bring a deck of cards. I have enough laying around at home.

I am excited! I have TWO (count em, two) shows this month. Book of Mormon on the 22nd and then this one on Halloween.

Red Chili Peppers: Hot?

Take a piece of toast with you

We were always told: if you’re going to throw anything, throw it up and back – do not throw it towards the screen.

Have fun!!

Isn’t that kind of missing the point?

Are we talking a live performance, or a showing of the movie with some sort of live accompaniment?

Don’t take fireworks.

About thirty years ago, I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at the midnight showing in Harvard Square in Cambridge. Everyone was searched upon entering but the weird thing was the only thing they were looking for was live animals. Every other prop (umbrellas, toilet paper, etc) was fine. And of course there was a group in full costume at the front of the theater acting out the whole thing.

A live show, with live performers and live everything. It’s this one:

From here:


No reason for you to feel left out if you do nothing but show up, HOWEVER I think you’ll have way more fun if you participate, at least a little. When was the last time you watched it? I mean, are you familiar at all with the dialogue / songs? Not suggesting you need to “study” for it, but it’s way more fun if you can sing along and anticipate when it’s time to shout stuff. As for dressing up, if that’s not your thing or you don’t own the right stuff or whatever, just wearing heavy black eyeliner and red lips will make you one of the gang. I hope you have a blast!!!

In more recent years you weren’t allowed to bring in anything, but you could buy a bag full of the required items - that money was used to clean the theater and compensate them for any damages. It worked pretty well and made sure people didn’t do any significant damage.

Go, enjoy, don’t worry about things. It’s supposed to be fun and it’s never the same show twice.

Ah! Thank you for this. At least I can do the black eyeliner and red lips. I can sing along all the way to “Sweet Transvestite” and know the first half of the movie pretty well but I don’t know the rest of it as well - it drags a little at the end. And yes, I want to participate. I want to play!

Remote Controlled Personal Helicopters?

If you’re at all averse to attention, don’t tell anyone it’s your first time…

Yeah. It’s an incredibly cheesy movie (pure Velveeta) with an amazing soundtrack. I listen to the CD regularly but haven’t seen the movie in decades.

:smiley: Woo! Have fun!

Some things to expect: There may be a ritual “Cherry Popping” beforehand, where they bring up all of the people who haven’t seen the film before. This includes you, by the way, because seeing it at home is Not The Same. Participate in it, it’s fun.

It will probably be the film being played at the same time that the cast acts it out in front of the screen, so it’s not quite the same as a play. You can pay as much or as little attention to the cast as you like.

Even if you don’t go in costume as one of the characters, take the opportunity to dress up a bit - the tawdrier, the better. Wear a corset if you have one, short skirt, and of course fishnets. Put the makeup on heavy. Basically start by trying to look like you’re soliciting for prostitution, then turn it up 5 notches. It’s part of playing along.

Have LOTS of fun!

I can see trying to get my SO to wear eyeliner…that would go over like a lead balloon*. Any easy suggestions for a guy so he can fit in a little but not do too much?

*I can tell you he will not object to me wearing a short skirt/fishnets/lipstick/eyeliner. Hopefully we actually make it to the show! :wink: