I'm going to Acapulco. What can you tell me about it?

My wife and I are going to Acapulco for a week starting on January 18th. We were offered a time share rental for the week at a very low price, air fare wasn’t too bad, and the climate seems very favorable ( a high of 88 F every day). So, what can we expect? Have any dopers been there? Can we drink the water? :smiley:

Please share your experiences. Thanks.

It’ll drive you mad… in fact, you could say you’ll be… (sorry).

But only if I stay too long, right?
Wallenstein tells me his post was a reference to a Four Tops song called Loco In Acapulco.

I’m almost hesitant to post anything here. I’d suggest that you look at the surrounding area and see if you can find a nice day trip. My wife and I were un-impressed with Acapulco the one time we went there. Very breathtaking views, but the beach was sub-par. We didn’t get a chance to see the cliff diving show, but I’ve heard it’s fairly nice. I think you may have to make reservations in advance for that.

On the other hand, since you’re in Ohio, anyplace warm will probably be nice. Just be sure to put on lots of sunscreen, it’s easy to get burned fast down there.

Have Fun!

Thanks for replying. What about the beach was sub-par?

We may have been spoiled by Cancun. The sand was course…more like small pebbles than soft sand. Also the water wasn’t very clear, nothing like the aqua blue of Cancun. More beach peddlers. Tons of them in fact. When we were there, there was some kind of sewer leak that ran down from some main line to the beach…and right into the water. No swimming for us. And it’s just really built up. More like visiting Daytona than a secluded getaway. Like I said, if it’s a choice between a week in Acupulco, and a week in Ohio, choose Acupulco. If it’s a choice between Acupulco and Cancun, choose Cancun.