I'm going to be starting one of these shows next. Help me decide which one (25+ choices).

I just finished a show recently (The Dead Zone), so that opens up a space on my “TV Shows to Start/Watch” line up (currently consisting of Ugly Betty, House, Monk, Weeds, Dexter, Scrubs, and Supernatural).

The thing is, I have so many shows that I want to eventually start that I don’t know which to pick out of all of them.

So, instead, I leave my choice to the SDMB. What show should be added to this rotation?

Mind you, all of the shows in this poll I want to watch and will watch eventually, I’m just having trouble picking which one to start next due to having so many choices.

Whatever show gets the most votes by Tuesday will be the show I’ll start next.
I’ll even make it multiple choice in case you want to recommend multiple shows as ones you like.

Feel free to let me know why you’re voting the way you are, if you like.

That’s a really good list of shows. But Breaking Bad and The Wire are the two best shows of television ever made.

Disclaimer: I don’t regularly watch any of those shows.

Psych, though, is worth it for the Twin Peaks episode alone. And I’m not even a Twin Peaks fan.

Breaking Bad first, absolutely.
Arrested Development for a delightful palate cleanser.
And add Mad Men and Dead Like Me to your list.

Not on your list but worth a look are:

  1. Sons of Anarchy (just finished its 4th season)
  2. Terriers (cancelled after one season – but excellent and available on Netflix streaming)
  3. Justified (starting a new season in January 2012)

It looks like Breaking Bad is going to win so I’m going to mention that if you watch, be sure to listen to the podcast “Breaking Bad Insider”* that goes along with each episode, starting with season 2 IIRC. It’ll make the show about twice as good. Listen to each podcast after you watch that episode.

*Not to be confused with Breaking Good, which is another Breaking Bad podcast, but it’s just two random guys that watch the show and talk about it. Breaking Bad Insider is done by the same people that make the show.

I’m about 3 episodes into Dead Like Me and it’s just not clicking, I’m really thinking about giving it up. It’s not bad, but I think my expectations are too high after watching Pushing Daisies. I’m waiting for Wonderfalls to come out on Instant so I can try that.

Having never seen Breaking Bad, I’d say Sopranos then The Wire.

I really liked the first season or two of The Ghost Whisperer, but as far as I’m concerned, it jumped the shark when

her husband was killed and came back in another body.

I think I’m going to have to start Breaking Bad. I always hear so much good stuff about it. Mad Men too - both of those are shows that I didn’t start at the beginning and it seems like a daunting task to catch up.

I loved Dead Like Me, and (unfortunately) it was cut so short that you can run through it in a weekend. I found the show somehow comforting. The movie was only ok. Most people hated it. I think that’s because Mandy Patinkin pulled a, well, a Mandy Patinkin, and didn’t come back for it. I didn’t hate it though.

Completely agree with singular1 about Arrested Development. Those are also good to go back and rewatch. There are a lot of little jokes that you may miss first time around simply because they are said quickly or as a low aside. And although it’s not a reason to watch a show, at least you will be able to laugh with the rest of us losers when we say “There’s always money in the banana stand!”

If you do start Breaking Bad or Mad Men I may watch it with you (in spirit, obviously) so I’ll be checking back to see what the verdict is!!

ETA - @ JoeyP: it’s definitely no Pushing Daisies and I think if you try to compare then DLM will compare terribly. I’d give it one or two more eps and if you don’t like it just give up, because the tone stays the same through most of the show’s run. I loved Dead Like Me, but it’s not going to make any major changes during the show and if you don’t like it yet, I don’t know that it will grow on you. I liked it from the beginning.

As good as Breaking Bad is, you left something better off your list: HBO’s Rome. It’s only 2 seasons, but it’s the best TV I’ve ever seen.

I would agree that Rome is the best tv I’ve seen…ever. Maybe I should break out those DVDs, been awhile. I voted for both Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under - I am loyal to SFU as my personal beginning to getting hooked on cable TV series in general. SFU has one of the best series openers and definitely the best series finale of all time. But Breaking Bad has blown me away (haven’t seen season 4 yet, but I have faith it is just as original and exciting as the rest.

I’m just going to give you all my reasons.
On your list? The Wire. Oz is great but just so damn grim. Six Feet Under was good, but the last season got very tiring to me. It was worth it for the finale, which was just about the best I’ve ever seen for a series. Dollhouse, Dark Angel and Jeremiah were all pretty good, but each is only 2 season, although Dollhouse had enough notice to do a decent plot-line wrap-up. Reaper was great but also only 2 seasons.
I watched the first two seasons of Heroes and Sliders and gave up on both. I gave up on True Blood after only one season.
Burn Notice is fun and I’m working through the early seasons now.
I’ve only seen scattered episodes of some of the others on your list.

I agree that Rome was fantastic also HBO’s Deadwood, the first two seasons were fantastic but the third and final season was pretty wretched.
Also, I guess I’ll be the one to give a shout-out for Firefly.

The only show on that list I feel evangelical about at all, is Pushing Daisies but I’m biased as Lee Pace is extremely attractive and Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene sometimes sing.

Of the ones I’ve seen, I’d recommend “Veronica Mars.” I liked all three seasons, but lots of people think it went downhill after season one. Still, season one is really REALLY good.

Voted The Wire - but beware that at first it is sometimes a bit difficult to understand some of the dialog - mumbled and a lot of slang - but you get used to it. Then the show really grows on you fast and I sort of wish I had waited so I could see them slam bang one after another! I almost envy you for getting to see this for the first time.

Sopranos and Six Feet Under were my other choices.

The only shows on that list I’ve seen are 30 Rock and Desperate Housewives, but I still say 30 Rock, which is one of the funniest shows ever.

I turned on closed captioning when I watched the first season.

“How I Met Your Mother” and “The Mentalist” are two of my current favourite shows. Neither of them are tremendously ground-breaking or earth-shaking, but they are solidly entertaining and enjoyable.

I vote for arrested development.